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Personalized Bracelet

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For personalized bracelets you will have to provide us ur name, date of birth and also the main purpose you wish the bracelet or the necklace made for: bringing back the loved one, gaining more money, a better job, whatever it is you will have to talk to us.

Also, you have to decide which type of bracelet you want, flexible or braided and what colors you would prefer the most and of course the size for your personalized bracelet. Think carefully about your wish!

Personalized bracelets can take up to 4 days to be made and on the entire process, we will be in close contact with you, sending you pictures and asking you for more information if needed. Also, the bracelet will leave us at the moment when you give your final approval for the design based on the pictures you will receive from us.

The picture shown here is just an example picture, it does not represent the product you will receive since this is a personalized item made especially for you at your order and under your own specifications to fulfill your needs and wishes.

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