Handmade Flexible BraceletPsychic Attack Shield Agate Stones - LifeIsPureMagic
Handmade Flexible BraceletPsychic Attack Shield Agate Stones - LifeIsPureMagic

Handmade Flexible BraceletPsychic Attack Shield Agate Stones

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Awesome handmade talisman bracelet made from agate stones.

If you want to know more about what the agate stones can do for you please click here!

The bracelet is unique, and now it can be your own talisman! It will come to you purified and charged with energy and it will be the best help for you or for someone you love in order to help heal and recover faster after any type of trauma, mental or physical, help you achieve your goals and dreams much faster, help you make your own desires and wishes reality and fulfilling your mind and soul with good vibes and positive energy and thinking.

Please choose carefully the size for your talisman bracelet and order the one that is right for you! If you can't find your right size on the page to order then order any size appropriate and tell us when we contact you for the confirmation of your order what would be the desired correct size for you! You will find the size written both in centimeters and in inches so it will be very easy for you to see which size you need, no matter the metric system you are used too!

We do not recommend wearing the bracelet in the shower or during the swim.

Please note the stone shade, color, and pattern may vary since we are working with genuine stones and no two are alike. 

The bracelet will come in a small gift bag.

All items are handmade in the Valle Gran Rey, La Gomera island, Spain cleansed with white sage, Palo Santo, ocean water and charged in the moonlight or with selenite prior to shipment. 

What wrist should I wear my bracelet on? 

The left side of your body is your receiving side and also deals with your internal self. This is where your habits, motivation, and emotions reside. When you wear jewelry on this side of your body, you can make necessary internal shifts or invite specific energy into your life. 

The right side of your body is your action side or giving side. Wearing crystals on the right side aids in your productivity and controls the energy you put out into the world. 

This is just an example, always trust your intuition and do what feels best to you!

**Crystal healing is not intended to be a substitute for conventional medicine.