The turtle, symbol and creator

Turtles are often mentioned in myths and legends about the creation of the world in native American Indians. They think the world relies on a huge turtle. They also believe that the Great Spirit created their earth by placing the earth on the back of a huge tortoise. That's why some people referred to North America as "Island of Turtles". Turtles are a land symbol in many indigenous cultures. In the Indians in America's plains, turtles were associated with long life, protection, and fertility. Other tribes associate it with healing, wisdom, and spirituality. In many scenes of Maya mythology, the god of corn is painted out of a tortoise. The tortoise floating in the sea used as the basis of the world in the Mayan myths.
Feng Shui has 4 great sacred symbols: the dragon, the Phoenix bird, the tiger, and the turtle.
The dragon symbolizes fire, bird phoenix air, tiger earth, and the turtle is the symbol of water.
Spiritual harmonization is intimate with eternity and longevity.
And the most representative symbol of longevity finds personification in the turtle.
People who want a long and fulfilling life often appeal to this Feng Shui symbol in their own home or carried on them in various forms.
The turtle is representative in nature for longevity and resistance. Its apparent fragility is well hidden beneath the protective shell, almost indestructible.
Though slow, the turtle continues its chosen path with a determined determination and fantasy, and the Feng Shui symbol with its appearance is renowned for its powers.

The turtles remind us that there is a direct link between Earth and Heaven, a way of salvation. As the tortoise can not separate from its shell, so do we humans, we can not dismiss everything we did on earth.

Persons wearing turtles may bring over themselves "safety and stability". It is protection (retraction in the shell is an amazing mechanism of self-defense) and longevity. In addition, it is associated with creation, patience, power, innocence, endurance, and wisdom. It is also good to wear turtles, they bring you luck. You can wear these symbols at home keys or as jewelry. Thus, you will have more positive energies around you.
Remember that you can always wear turtles jewelry and bring you luck, safety, wisdom, creation, patience, and strength.

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