The magic eye that protects you from everything bad

Thirty thousand years ago, the ancient Greeks and Romans believed that envious, sneaky or even admirable looks (but which could trigger envy) attracted negative energies. Since then, it has been the custom of wearing amulets to protect against spells or the evil eye.

Despite the cultural differences, there is fear of the "evil eye" in all world religions. It is believed that an envious or jealous person has the power to bring suffering or misfortune to another person just by a simple glance.

The earliest written mention of the evil eye comes from a cuneiform tablet, from ancient Mesopotamia. From there, faith about the evil eye spread to Ancient Greece and the Roman Empire. There is a belief that the evil eye could affect those who were praised more than necessary, or who had undue admiration. At that time, physical or mental illnesses, which were not explained by explanation, were attributable to malicious looks. Even in the Qur'an, the holy book of Islam, the evil eye is mentioned-and the Prophet Muhammad recommends to those who are innocent to take a bath to rid the misfortune.

Green and blue eyes, a source of negative energy

It is said that there are three kinds of evil eyes. In the first category comes those from the people who do unintentionally, just looking at someone else. Then the evil eye sent by the envious looks comes. The most dangerous is the evil eye of the third category, the one who comes from the people who are cursing in their minds and who want, all the more, to attract bad luck to the rivals. It is believed that the most dangerous eyes, which have the power to do harm, are those in green and blue.

Protective amulets

To counteract the negative effects of spooky eyes, there are all sorts of amulets, the best known being the magical eye-a talisman in the form of an eye painted in various colors. It is said that it is meant to reflect the malicious oath. The magic eye hangs in various places in the house, tree branches, or wearing the neck, ears or hand, in the form of pendants, bracelets, earrings.

The significance of colors

The tints in which the talismans are painted are not randomly chosen. Most are in blue tones. Bleu is the hue of heaven and symbolizes the truth. The darker blue is the color that draws positive energies, so all the shades of blue protect against the evil eye. Amulets in the form of eyes, dyed in other colors, strengthen the power of the magic eye. The green symbolizes hope and personal development, yellow is the color of the sun, being a source of energy and healing properties. On the other hand, red is the color of power and is one of the strongest protection against the evil eye.

Worn as a jewel

In the countries of the Mediterranean-Greece, Cyprus, Turkey-amulets with eye markings, painted especially in blue shades, are very common. In Turkey, amulets have the name "Nazar boncuk". They are worn as jewelry, are embedded at the entrance of houses, hung by doors or machines, having a protective role.

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