Symbol of the Butterfly

Angels, winged flowers, a symbol of love or expression of souls of people, butterflies appear over time in mythology, legends, and superstitions. The extraordinary diversity of their shapes and colors has turned butterflies into true stars.
In Greek mythology, butterflies were considered and regarded as the expression of the souls of people. The ancient Greeks believed that after death the people who had a clean and pure soul would be embodied by day butterflies, beautifully colored and loved by everyone, and the people who were bad during life would be embodied by night butterflies with a tern, dark color.
In Japanese culture, the butterfly is the soul of a human being and usually, the soul takes the shape of a butterfly to announce the definitive leaving of the body. That is why the Japanese treat with great care and love the butterflies they meet, seeing them as some traveling spirits. Also in Japanese culture, the appearance of butterflies announce a visit from someone or the death of a close person.
A legend tells us that after having created the flowers, God was asked by some of them to give them wings to reach Heaven. God listened to their prayer and so appeared on the earth the butterflies. Another legend says butterflies are actually angel wings of flower petals.
Also related to God is another legend that tells us that God created butterflies to bring joy to the world of flowers. Originally, all the butterflies were white, but because they looked too much like snowflakes, Saint Elias gathered color from the flowers, colored the clouds and then squeezed them over the earth. In a moment, butterfly wings were covered with spots and splashes of different colors and shades, so each butterfly was special and there were no two butterflies alike.

A butterfly is a powerful symbol of Feng Shui in Chinese tradition, with the strongest representation of the freedom of the human spirit, the lack of grading and the breaking of limits.

The most common use of the butterfly symbol is as a sentimental healer in love relationships because the butterfly is best associated with the sensations perceived by lovers when they love.

Like a butterfly, free to fly from bloom to flower, lacking constraints and prohibitions, the person wearing a butterfly-shaped Feng Shui amulet attracts strong sensual energies and significantly increases the chances of finding his soul mate.
But the Feng Shui Butterfly not only brings a partner to the life of the one who is wearing it but once found this partner gives stability to the relationship, sexual energy, and involvement.
As the mature butterfly has gained its splendor through multiple transformations, so the person who uses a Feng Shui symbol will defeat his anguish and rebalance his spirit.

But the Feng Shui butterfly symbol does not just help adults. Many parents use it to treat their children, to increase energy flow, to increase learning concentration.

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