OhM Sign (Aum) - Origin, Meaning, Benefits

The Mantra Man is the most famous mantra in the world, so it would be a pity not to know its significance or not to know its power.

The mantra "Ohm" begins and ends most of the yoga sessions. The strong vibration of this sacred formula ensures a successful meditation, helping to synchronize breathing with physical thoughts and posts.

The OhM symbol [AUM] is the primary symbol of God, a divinity that embraces an infinite variety of forms, colors, structures, nature itself in infinite manifestations. The OhM symbol is found in the Hindu concept as the supreme being. This mystical syllable contains and closes all that is sacred in Hinduism. OhM is the evocation of the universal soul itself.

It is recognized as the primordial and exhilarating sound to control natural manifestations; represent the three manifestations of all forms of life: the creation, use, and destruction used in the initiation process to seal the other symbols or to seal each part of the initiation. OhM opens the crown and draws above his head opens a path to Divinity and a higher consciousness.

In Hindu philosophy, it is believed that when creation began to manifest itself, divine consciousness first took the primary and original form manifested by the vibration of the AUM sound.

OhM is the reflection of the known absolute reality, without beginning or end, and embodying all that exists, representing the ultimate vibration, the infinite.

The sound first appeared in the Upanishad - a collection of sacred Hindu texts. Manduka Upanishad, who is dedicated to OhM, begins like this: " Ohm is an indestructible word. Ohm is the universe. The past, the present and the future, what it was, what it is and what it will be. Also, everything that exists beyond the bounds of time is all human. "

OhM is also considered to be the mother of the mantras - short and powerful sounds associated with each chakra, linking to the third eye or crown chakra, connecting us with the Divinity. "His sound seems to relax the nervous system," says founder of Kripalu Institute for Extraordinary Living, Stephen Cope. "Like all the mantras, it gathers and concentrates the mind, takes it from its daily thoughts and sends it to a contemplative area."

AUM is the most famous mantra and comes from ancient Hindu wisdom. It is practiced by people from all over the world, and when it is accomplished with profound internalization, the practitioner abandons the space and time dimension, uniting with Creation and Creator. AUM is the primordial sound of the universe, it is the vibration that was manifested at the creation of the universe. We all carry within ourselves this sound, this sacred vibration, and when we want to relax, to relax physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, we can trust with it. Singing the sacred AUM sound helps us move from the gamma waves (the state where we are active, agitated, stressed) to Alpha waves (the state of relaxation, interiorization, resembling the semi-sleep, meditation, prayer). "The symbol symbolizes the state conscious or awake (jagrata-avastha), the letter u the dream state (svapna-avastha) and the letter m the dreamless state (suspense-avastha) of mind and spirit. The whole symbol, along with the crescent and the point, signifies a fourth state (turya-avastha) that combines all these states and transcends them. This is the state of samadhi.

The letters a, u and m symbolize the speech (vak), the mind (manas) and the breath of life (prana), while the whole symbol represents the living spirit, which is only a part of the divine spirit. The three letters also represent the dimensions of the length, width, and depth, while the entire symbol represents Divinity, which is beyond the limitations of form.

The three letters a, u and m symbolize the absence of desire, fear, and anger while the whole symbol is the perfect Man (sthita-prajna), whose wisdom is firmly established in the divine. They represent the three genres, masculine, feminine and neutral, while the entire symbol is creation, along with the Creator.

The letters correspond to the three times - the present, the future, while the entire symbol represents the Creator, which transcends the limitations of time. The whole symbol is the knowledge of the Self, whose teachings are immortal. Letters a, u, m also represent the mantra "Tat Twam Asi" (You are the one), realizing the divinity of man in himself. The whole symbol is the realization that frees the human spirit from the chains of body, mind, intellect, and ego. "Documentation: Light on Yoga - B.K.S. Iyengar"

The word OhM, or AUM, is commonly used during meditations, especially in Oriental spiritual schools, but is also used in Western countries, especially by those initiated in different spiritual knowledge, and works daily with themselves to increase vibrationally. The mantra emission by visualizing the symbol gives depth to the meditation, if practiced in the group, it helps the participants in unison, harmonize and merge into subtle manifestations. Meditation involves the specific conditions of spiritual activity: quietness, correct position, clean air, conscious breathing, relaxation and detachment from everyday problems. In the state of meditation, when the Ohm mantra is used, the sound O is emitted long and the mantra repeated several times. There are also meditations in which the Ohm mantra is combined with other mantras, with other symbols. The goal is to generate peace and inner peace, together with Divine Conscience.
Meditation with the Ohm symbol is the state of consciousness through which our evolving towards complete accomplishment. By going through the three stages of consciousness (conscious, subconscious and superconscious) we discover the first sound of creation. At first, the absolute reality was one and was not dual. When the creator evolved, he switched from "I am" to "I can be" and generated the duality manifested in the crowd. This caused a vibration that turned into sound, and it was the first sound, Ohm (pronounced AUM). Creation itself was set in motion under the vibration impressed by the Ohm symbol. The OhM symbol of the sign ॐ became the emblem of the absolute reality of divinity, as a picture is the true emblem of a material object.

About the Power of Ohm Mantra (AUM)

Mantra is a phrase or seldom a word used for meditation and intonation in Hinduism and Buddhism. The sound of OhM mantra is AUM. He pronounces by opening his mouth with the sound A and closing it, which will form the sound U and the sound M when the mouth is closed. What are the benefits of sounding Ohm sound (AUM)?
The chanting of OhM mantra immediately dispels all useless thoughts, eliminates distraction, and instills a new vigil in the body.
If you feel depressed, chant Ohm fifty times and you will be loaded with a new vigil and inner strength. Chanting Ohm mantra is a powerful tonic. When you sing AUM you feel that you are purity, all-encompassing light, and absolute consciousness.

Everyone who chants the Ohm sound daily will have a sweet and clear voice. You can sing the Ohm mantra anywhere, even when you are walking through nature. You can also sing the sound in a harmonious way, rhythmic rendering makes your mind serene and sharp. In this sense, the spiritual qualities of the mind are infused which help to fulfill the self.

Practices the integration meditation in absolute using the Ohm sacred symbol
Meditate with the Ohm symbol to complete your being! Choose a quiet place, sit down and close your eyes. Focus your attention on the third eye (on his forehead) and quietly repeat the sound, Ohm. Meanwhile, the mental association should be with the idea of ​​infinity, eternity, immortality, etc. You have to repeat the Ohm mantra with feeling, with the feeling that you are the infinite, omnipresent one, eternal consciousness. Simply repeating the Ohm sound will not bring the desired benefits, you need to feel this truth as you repeat. Keep the meaning of Ohm always close to your heart. Feel the Ohm! You always feel that you are the absolute purity, the all-knowing, eternal and free being, your own master and the maker of your future. Feel that you are absolute and infinite, the only unchangeable existence.

Choose a jewel with the Ohm symbol to remind you daily to invoke the creative vibration of the universe within you. Use the AUM sign or sound to meditate with this symbol on a regular basis, with perseverance, sincerity, and enthusiasm, in the morning, at noon and evening! Only then will your life change!

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