Horseshoe, good luck symbol

Horseshoe is one of the most famous symbols of luck. The origin of superstition would be in Europe, more precisely in the UK.

The legend says that St. Dunstan (an English blacksmith) would have been hunted with a horseshoe of the devil's foot who would have guaranteed that he would keep the evil away from people's homes if he would stand tied and recommend hitting their horseshoes on the doors. Another legend describes the connection between the goddess of the moon celebrated by pagans and the horseshoe that represented its symbol.

Some people think they will have good luck if they see horseshoes on their way, motivating the iron (from which they are traditionally made) would keep the negative spirits away and the luck would open them all doors.

Using a used horseshoe as an amulet is said to protect the person from magic or negative energy. The horseshoe, in order to have a beneficial effect, must be hung especially in the high areas of the buildings, preferably near the doors. In Europe they are located on houses, in barns and stables, considering that under the horseshoes cannot pass the bad spirits.

In the Middle East, we encounter a blue tile pattern printed with horseshoes. In Turkey, a small horseshoe made of metal or blue glass gives divine protection and clairvoyance, often used to chase off the eye.

It is clear that the horseshoe, through its materiality, is magical and protects the others. Americans and Irish people put it upside down, thinking that this is how good luck is to be leaked into the houses, but the Europeans tend to tinker with their arms down, saying that this is how bad luck flows.

For example, in Mexico, used horseshoes are purchased by special stores, packed nicely in colorful materials, gemstones or glass beaten on her arms, undergo a special religious service of luck, then put out for sale as sanctified amulets.

Whatever the reason for the longevity of the legend, it is certain that horseshoes are considered to be the best-known symbols of luck, and can be placed inside or outside the house, in the office, in the bedroom, or wherever you want, whether you put your feet in up or down. You might consider wearing horseshoe jewelry and have both protection and good luck brought onto you all the time!

May that good luck to accompany your steps wherever you go!

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