Zoisite - Energy and Vitality Stone

Zoisite transforms negative energies into positive energies and connects to spiritual spheres. Psychologically, it facilitates the manifestation of one's own self in the face of accepting the influence of others or conforming to norms. It allows the materialization of its own ideas and transforms positively destructive desires. It casts out apathy and brings to light the emotions and feelings refuted to allow their expression. Creative stone draws attention to the objectives. Supports recovery after a serious illness or a stressful period.

Detoxifies, neutralizes excessive acidity and reduces inflammation. Strengthens the immune system, regenerates the cells, cares the heart, spleen, pancreas, and lungs. Stimulates fertility and treats ovarian and testicular diseases. Along with ruby, increases potency.

The authenticity is guaranteed by:
Color: predominant green color
The specificity of this crystal: the black and red spots as if the stone were sprinkled. The red shows the presence of the ruby.
Not all the Zoisite stones contain Ruby.

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