What is crystal therapy?

Crystal therapy = crystals (gemstone) therapy, which occurred during the Mayan use of crystals for medical purposes for the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases.
It is known that any illness actually represents an energy imbalance of the body, and crystal therapy is a general therapeutic method that can restore the energetic state of the body.

Crystal therapy helps to rebalance the body's energy, eliminating the energy blockages that the human body presents during the onset of a disease.

Crystals with their energetic power, being charged with the energy of the moon and the sun, act on the body by helping both the psyche and the physical:

• purify and energize the body;
• treats various physical conditions;
• helping to achieve the goals of the person: love, money, business;
• diminish negative states: stress, depression, anxiety, fear, negativity;
• boost positive states: creativity, affectivity, courage, positivism.

The patient who is using crystal therapy should, at the beginning of therapy, pursue an internal purification process by consuming fresh foods, fruits, vegetables, tinctures, teas and clay treatments to remove toxins from the body.
After detoxification of the body, crystal therapy can be started successfully in cholecystitis, in removing kidney stones, in cardiac diseases and in blood vessels, in disorders of the endocrine glands and, last but not least, in depressions as follows:

• with diamonds, ruby, coral and agate treat the nervous and circulatory system;
• the genital system's affections are treated with carnelian and silex;
• diabetes is treated with topaz, citrine, gold, tiger eye and amber;
• heart disease, depression, and physical fatigue are treated with emerald, pink quartz, and tourmaline.

The effects of crystal therapy are seen over time. To see the results, the patient needs at least 10-15 sessions that last for an average of about 20 minutes.

Crystal therapy sessions are good to be done daily. If the patient, for various reasons, does not have this possibility, then he will resort to two ways of self-healing: either using his own crystal (which he can buy from specialized shops or mining areas) or using water powered by a crystal.
Drinking water is purified if it is left in a vessel with a quartz crystal.

A pyramid placed near you will increase your energy, and if you put two crystals under the pillow (one with the top up and the other with the top down), due to their vibrations, the subconscious is helped, protected and oriented during his astral travels you can sometimes get answers to various problems during sleep.

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