Tourmaline - The Shamanic Stone

Tourmalines are a significant group of minerals with metaphysical properties. Includes a wide variety of shapes, colors and different energies. Even though Tourmaline is found on all continents, fine specimens are rare. Tourmaline made its mark in the commercial world of precious stones in 1876, when George Kunz sold a Green Tourmaline from Maine (South Carolina) to Tiffany and Co. In the years to come, Tourmaline has gained popularity as a precious stone, and recently its subtle energy properties have turned it into one of the collectors of minerals and metaphysics adepts favorite stone.
No other stone varies so much in color. Tourmalines can be red, pink, yellow, brown, black, but also with shades of green, blue, lilac, and purple. Tourmaline is often only one color, but there are specimens that combine more colors in one specimen. The pink core crystals, surrounded by a green layer, are called Green Melon Tourmaline.
Tourmaline cleans, purifies and converts dense energy into a higher frequency. It anchors the spiritual energy, purifies and balances all the chakras and forms a protective shield around the body. Tourmaline is a shamanic stone that offers protection during rituals. It can be used to predict the future. It has traditionally been used to point to the criminals or those who have caused trouble and to indicate the "good" direction to follow.

Natural Tourmaline Rods are very effective healing tools. They purify the aura, eliminate the blockages, dissipate the negative energy and reveal solutions for different problems. They are ideal for balancing and connecting chakras. Physically, it rebalances the meridians.

Tourmaline has a great affinity for nature spirits, which is why it is extremely beneficial in gardens or next to plants. It can act as a natural insecticide, planting pests. If buried in the soil, it accelerates the healthy growth of all crops.

In the psychological plan, Tourmaline helps self-understanding, but also a better understanding of others, leading to the depth of the self, strengthening self-confidence and extinguishing fear. Gives feelings of self-stimulation and attracts inspiration, compassion, tolerance, and prosperity.

Mentally, Tourmaline is a powerful healer, balancing the two brain hemispheres and translating negative mental patterns into positive patterns. This stone aligns mental processes, chakras, and biomagnetic envelope. It is useful in treating paranoia and dyslexia, improving eye-to-eye coordination, and assimilation and interpretation of encoded information.

On the emotional plane, Red Tourmaline, Yellow, and Brown have beneficial effects on sexuality, correcting the emotional dysfunctions that often lie at the basis of the loss of libido.

Physically, Tourmaline ejects the tension, being beneficial for straightening the spine. It balances the masculine and feminine energy in the body.

Tourmaline striations amplify the flow of energy, making it an ideal stone for healing, energizing and eliminating blockages. Each of the Tourmaline colors has its own healing virtues.

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