Top 8 best techniques to purify crystals and stones

There are different ways to purify and clean the crystals and you might want to try some methods to find it most effective. Purifying stones can be a real help because when they are actively used, they gather stagnant or negative energy.

When we use the energy and methods of stones cleaning, we can program the crystal to retain or restore the ideal state and/or the original memories instead of their total erasure. Analyzing the crystal we see the extent to which it needs to be purified.

When purchasing a new crystal it is good to be cleaned and purified to remove any vibrations that could have been stored in the course of its journey. By cleaning and purifying, the crystal is prepared to be receptive to the vibrations of the new house where it has entered the vibration of the new master.

Crystal cleaning

If the crystals are dirty, dusty or greasy: they can be wiped off with a soft cloth of wet fabric or washed with neutral soap and water.

Crystals must not be exposed to high-temperature changes: if they are immersed in hot water they may crack.

Crystal purification techniques:

1. Purification with marine salt

Place a coarse salt coat on the bottom of a perfectly cleaned glass container (recommended for marine salt because it is natural), carefully place the stones to be cleaned, being careful not to touch each other, then pour another layer jump over them until you completely cover them. The container to be poured must be exclusively made of glass: the glass is a hygienic material, it is easy to wash and the smooth surface makes the vibrations of any type slip; on the contrary, the ceramics are not suitable, being porous, and the metal containers are absolutely avoidable due to the electrolytic reaction that could be produced by contact with the salt.
The stones should be kept under salt for one day: we take into account the time we put them in the container and take them after about 24 hours, that is the next day. If we forget to take them the next day, we need to extend the purification up to three days, for, symbolically, the numbers 2, 4, 6, 8, being passive, reception numbers, do not change and are not suitable for purification. The symbolic value of the number of days considered for purification must always be respected: for this purpose, the stones are purified by holding an odd number of days under the salt so as to rely on the own energy of the numbers 1, 3, 7, 9, active and as such, able to bring a change. As for number five (5), it is better to avoid it, because numerology is considered unstable and incapable of bringing a purification that we can trust. Once you've taken the salt stones, you have to wash them with the cold water and keep them under the water for a few minutes.

2. Flowing water - ocean water

If you have access to the flowing water of a stream or spring, or to the constant movement of a sea or ocean, take the crystals there and rinse them. The same result you can get by holding the crystals under the kitchen faucet. In this case, imagine that you are in the middle of nature; the experience will calm you spiritually and remind you that stones/crystals are a gift of nature.

3. Purification by smoking

For centuries, people of almost all time have burned herbs for the purposes of spiritual and spiritual purification. In Western civilizations, for example, smoke is believed to carry prayers to the heavens. The American custom's smoking habit seems to be extremely effective for crystals. You need a smoky chopstick, which you can make yourself. Smoking smokestacks are made of dry wood of cedar, sage and leafy, threaded. Keep the crystals in the smoke emitted by the smoker's smoker, or use a brush that easily smoothes the smoke on them.

4. The magic of candles

You can purify the crystals by passing them through the light, warmth, and smoke of a candle. It is not necessary that they come into direct contact with the flame; no one wants to obey the crystals of a fire test. Candle cleaning is a good alternative for smoking. Try to use a candle that has not been used for any other purpose. The crystals will not be purified if the purifying agent is embedded with the remains of the anniversary desires, dialogues during the dinner or the memory of his last stop on the bedside bedroom. The most effective are white candles, as it symbolizes purity and a new beginning.

5. Wind Purification

Keep the crystals in the beating of a slight adhesion and imagine that all the negative remnants are carried by the wind in the distance.

6. Purification by rain

A cool, cool rain can be the perfect means to refresh your collection of crystals. When clouds begin to gather, place them out and let the raindrops draw on their surface. Once the storm has passed, polish the crystals with a clean and dry cloth: they will be revitalized and clean.
Purification by sound

7. Sound

Discard what has become old and attract renewal, purifying the crystal with sound waves. Sounds can clean a room as efficiently as light. In addition, they regenerate spatially. Sounds have the ability to harmonize both the being and the crystals. Put a piece of music, use a bell or a gong.

8. Purification by blessing

If you want, you can make a blessing to purify your crystals. It can be short and exciting, for example, "Being full of light and love and open to anything that brings the future." Or you can use the following blessing:
"Red, Blue / Green and Yellow crystals,

Give me love, light / And divine blessing! "

Stones that do not purify with salt!

The following stones, due to their fineness or ease of fading, are not recommended to be kept under salt for hours and even less in salty salt water because these purification techniques could alter their appearance and brilliance: amber, calcite, celery, hematite, kunzite, lapis lazuli, lepidolite, magnetite, malachite, opal, stone of the Moon, sunstone, pyrite, turquoise; as well as all the stones that contain high percentages of iron and all the fine, porous, which have a hardness value reduced on the scale of Mohs and which, therefore, scratches easily.

These stones will be washed under cold water with soap. If you wish, you can complete the purification using one of the above techniques: smoking, candle magic, wind power, raindrops, spring drift, sound, a blessing.

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