Top 6 best ways to charge your crystals

Once you have used the crystals for a while, you will notice that they seem to lose some of their energy and strength as if they were discharged. Do not worry: you just need to connect them to another power source and let them recharge.

After purification, you can load the crystals using the following methods:

1. Solar Spirit

The most important source of energy for crystals or for any of us on the Earth is the sun. Expose the crystals for a few hours to reflect the sunlight: the most recommended are the morning hours until the afternoon, when the Sun is in its ascending phase and, thus, symbolically, its energies are on the rise.
Stones that should not be exposed to direct sunlight!

Sunlight can damage the color and shine of the crystals so do not have to be exposed directly to sunlight: amethyst, amber, apatite, azure, adventure, beryl, celestial, citrine, chrysoprase, aquamarine, quartz, pink quartz, Malachite, Opal, the stone of the moon, emerald and turquoise.

2. Moon's light

Another method of recharging crystals is their exposure to the silver light of the moon. Generally, the moonlight that is on the rise or that of the full moon, which symbolizes development and fulfillment, is better for recharging than the falling moonlight, the phase in which the energy and power of the moon fall.

3. Plants and flowers

As plants and flowers develop, they energize the surrounding atmosphere. Put the crystals in pots or jardiniere and let them absorb the friendly energy of healthy vegetation inside the house.

4. Crystal groups

Most crystals grow clustered, so they are accustomed to living together. The stones seem to shine and shine louder when they are seated together, just as people often gather to have more power and support each other. If you have a small crystal and you want to energize it, put it for a few days on an amethyst or on a large quartz crystal.

5. Breathing

Breathing techniques are very effective for small crystals. Keep the stone you want to charge in the dominant hand (the hand you are writing with), take your breath in the chest and concentrate on the intention to charge it once you exhale on your nose. Repeat until you cover the crystal on all sides, either with a long breath or with short, quick blows, both of which are effective.

6. Energy

The use of energy is very effective, Reiki and Chi Universal work very well when you are in harmony with them. In general, simply direct the energy to the stone until you feel it is charged. Hold the stone between your hands while directing the energy or transmitting a stream of spiritual light to it. Use, intuitively, conscious energies, and so you can add the ability to self-purify and charge the crystal.

Energy is also used to load stones, making them increase their natural abilities. Through a well-defined intent and concentration, with no doubt about the crystal clearing power, hold the stone between your hands or hands, or simply touch it with your hands and concentrate on purifying it. For most stones, a few minutes are enough. Because you have the ability to work at a distance, it is not absolutely necessary to touch the stone (although it is best to do it if the crystal is at your fingertips). The power of intent is also used to apply a protective layer around the rock that you do not want to purify, but only to prevent the dissipation of its energy.

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