Tiger's eye - The stone that brings you everything you want

Tiger´s Eye is the solar stone of vitality, physical and practical action. Stimulates the chakra root and chakra of the solar plexus, supporting us to act with effect in terms of the needs and challenges of physical life, staying with the feet on the ground, calm, balanced, whether it is in exterior or interior situations.

Tiger´s Eye is a stone of mental clarity. Enables and stimulates the intellect, sharpening your logic. This stone energizes the body to fulfill the "imperative orders" of the will. When we need to persevere for a long time, through increased effort and tortured and complicated situations, wearing Tiger's Eye will find the power to overcome fatigue and discouragement. Tiger´s Eye activates and aligns the lower chakras so that we can act with primordial power and creativity and with intense intentions.

As the golden stone, the Tiger's Eye helps us to come into contact with the vibrational field of Christ's Consciousness. Meditating with this stone, it helps us get into a state of awareness of an atmosphere of "warm gold dust", a place impregnated with unconditional love and compassion. When we return from this state, we do not want to "continue", but rather feel the need to act, being inspired by the Upper Consciousness, to bring that energy into the physical plane.

As the stone of balance, the Tiger´s Eye teaches us the lesson of paradox. It helps us find our harmonious center, moving through all kinds of polarities, helping us to see both sides of the disagreements. It is an excellent stone for professional mediators. Those who go through difficult negotiations, such as during a divorce or custody process, are recommended to wear Tiger´s Eye.

Tiger´s Eye supports physical vitality and energy, facilitating cellular respiration and metabolism. Tiger´s Eye energy helps us maintain a balance between the extremes. These may be the extremes between the Light and the Dark side, humanity, and Spirit, or the emotional extremes such as happiness and bitterness.

The Tiger´s Eye pushes us out of the world of dualities - right or wrong, good or bad, Light or dark - to the realm where all polarities are expressions of the same Source. The Tiger's Eye allows us to make choices based on discernment, without judging, in full accord with superior guidance.

The Tiger´s Eye impresses the energy of the sun's rays in the earth. She wears the frequency of creation - of the sunlight on the earth. It helps us to live in balance and spiritually integrate into the physical body, leaving the Free Spirit to express itself through every action taken. The Tiger's Eye covers the terrestrial and solar energy, generating a superior, but still anchored, vibrational state that draws spiritual energies to the Earth. Being a protective stone, it was once carried as a talisman against the curse. The Tiger´s Eye indicates the correct use of power and highlights the integrity.

Spiritually, the Tiger´s Eye teaches us how to balance the polarities and see the unity behind the apparent oppositions.

In emotional terms, the Tiger´s Eye helps the extremists to find their balance in emotional life. Helps create harmony between people with different views, different religious beliefs or different approaches to life. He is an excellent ally who brings harmony in the family and in any kind of relationship. It balances the yin and yang energies and regenerates the emotional body. Eliminate depression and raise morale.

Mindfully, the Tiger´s Eye integrates the cerebral hemispheres and amplifies the practical perception. Contributes to gathering chaotic information to get a consistent overview. It is useful for solving inner dilemmas and conflicts, especially those born out of pride and stubbornness. Tiger´s eye is particularly useful in healing mental imbalances and personality disorders.

In the psychological plane, the Tiger´s Eye heals the problems associated with self-love, self-criticism and blocked creativity. It helps to recognize your own talents, but also to overcome your losses.

The Tiger´s Eye harmonizes with all the Crystal members of the Quart family.

The Tiger´s Eye treats the eyes and improves the night vision, heals the neck and genitals, and removes the constraints. It is useful for healing fractures. Tiger´s eye strengthens the blood and increases vitality. Strengthens the endocrine system and balances it.

POSITIONING. Can be held in hand or placed directly on the affected site. The Tiger´s eye should be worn on the right arm or as a pendant, for long periods of time. For spiritual grounding, it can be placed on the sacred chakra.

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