Sodalite - the mind stone

Sodalite stone combines logic and intuition and activates spiritual perception, bringing information from the upper mind to the physical level. Stimulates the epiphysis and the third eye, deepening meditation. It inspires the desire for truth and incites to idealism, promoting fidelity to oneself and to its own convictions. Eliminates electromagnetic pollution and, on computers, blocks the propagation of harmful waves. Useful for people sensitive to air conditioning or electromagnetic fog. Especially useful for group work, induce harmony and solidarity. It stimulates trust and collegiality among group members, encouraging interdependence. An excellent stone for the mind removes mental confusion and intellectual limitation. It favors rational thinking, objectivity, truth and intuitive perception as well as expressing feelings. It calms down your mind and it allows to receive the new information. Inciting to remove old mental conditions and rigid twists of the spirit, creating a space where new ideas can be materialized. Psychologically it brings emotional balance and soothes panic attacks. It transforms the defensive or overly sensitive personality, allowing the heart to release the fear, the phobias, the culpability, and the control mechanisms that prevent us from being ourselves. Enhances self-esteem, acceptance, and self-confidence. Shows the obscure aspects to be accepted without being judged.
Sodalite can balances metabolism, removes calcium deficiencies, purifies the lymphatic system and organs, activating the immune system. Combats the effect of radiation. It covers the neck, the vocal cords, the larynx. Useful for colds and digestive disorders. Fever and blood pressure decrease. Stimulates the absorption of fluids in the body.

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