Rudraksha, Miraculous Seeds

Rudraksha is the link between earth and divinity, it can be a vehicle for spiritual growth and a perception of us and our connection with the whole.
 Every Rudraksha jewel is a drop of love and divinity, high vibration, and harmony.
Ancient medical texts claim that rudraksha can prevent aging and can prolong life, help balance the vital chakras of the human body. In over 6,500 years of use, Rudraksha has been shown to cause no side effects.

Rudraksha brings clarity, shakes the mind and increases the power of intuition, creates "circles of protection" and removes obstacles helping you achieve success. Asian yogis and monks have found that simply wearing rudraksha beads gave them an amazing amount of tranquility and concentration that helped to meditate for a long time and spectacular control over their minds. The Rudraksha beads were carried by the Buddha, Gandhi, the Dalai Lama, and many other illuminated Indian yogis.

How do Rudraksha seeds work on the human body?
It is said that they work on different chakras of the human body and that they have maximum effect when they are in direct contact with the skin, but not necessarily, depends on what we use them. If we use them for depression, an attraction of favorable situations, love, career, it is good to keep them in contact with the skin (bracelet or mala). If we use them for protection or against the negative energies in our house or the environment, we can also opt for a car keychain/amulet or a home talisman.
They emit electromagnetic waves capable of facing major aspects of our lives: health, satisfaction, creativity, intuition, financial success, harmony in relationships, attraction, inner strength, and courage. All this is manifested in the current of emotions our mind and body. Once the seeds have come in contact with our body, they begin to energize the chakras, bringing them into a perfect balance, in accordance with the law of resonance.
Rudraksha seeds work in all aspects of our lives and bring tangible benefits. Those who face obstacles, failures, emotional suffering, but also those who are only seeking spiritual evolution should resort to our specially designed jewels, according to ancient techniques of success.
No other tree is so rich in spiritual myths and legends as Rudraksha.
It is supposed to have both medicinal properties and magical properties. The word Rudraksha (botanical name Elaecarpus Angustifolius) derives from the word Rudra (Shiva) and Aksha (eye). Varied colors, shapes, number of cuts (Mukhi), determine the value of the seed.
With the help of modern science, researchers have searched for evidence to support ancient belief in these seeds. The benefits of the Rudraksha seeds were discovered in 1960 by a group of scientists led by Dr. Suhas Rai at an institute in Banaras, India. Rai's research has shown that Rudraksha seed structure emits undoubtedly subtle electromagnetic waves that bring benefits to the human body.
From adjusting blood pressure, treating skin problems, back pain, headaches, psychiatric cases, phobias, and insomnia, to financial success and relationships, these seeds bring countless benefits to our physical and spiritual bodies.
The Rudraksha seeds can have from one edge to 21 edges. The ones presented on our site have 5 edges and can be worn by women, men, and children, without restrictions or side effects. Since ancient times, users and carriers of five Mukhi Rudraksha have accumulated maximum physical benefits and materials. Wearing a jewelry with 5 Mukhi Rudraksha is like an angel of guidance to well-being. This Rudraksha protects the wearer against the diseases.
Combined with amethyst, lapis lazuli, jade, onyx, agate, jasper, amber, lava, and all the other crystals and stones presented on our site we add extra beauty and benefits.

The ancient Vedic writings speak of the different circumstances that lead to their creation. All the topics are centered on Lord Shiva. It is said that he entered a profound meditation for a long time, and when he woke up, seeing how much evil he gathered in the world, he cried, and from his tears that touched the earth, these eternal trees were formed called Rudraksha.
Nowadays, they can be found in Indonesia, Nepal, and India.

Rudraksha improves overall health and increases spiritual strength. Rudraksha helps to overcome some difficulties and obstacles in life, does not have negative effects and can be worn by everyone, regardless of gender, age, religion, culture
Rudraksha symbolizes the connection between earth and heaven, creates a connection with the energies of nature and the universe, brings harmony and balance.

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