Pink Quartz - pure love stone

Pink quartz is a love promoter stone being a pure love stone. Attracts love, gives to the one who is wearing it interior and exterior beauty attracts good persons around us when we are wearing it. This stone brings us friends and happiness, peace of mind, kindness, self-esteem, the capacity of forgiving, tolerance, generosity, compassion, the joy of life, calms down and gives u balance on the emotional level. The pink quartz stone helps you to express your emotions, increases communication capacity, removes bad thoughts and negative energies, increases fidelity, gives you a balance of emotional and sexual level and also increases maternal love. Also, it manages with success to calm down temperamental outings.
Pink Quartz will help you in reducing stress, depression, fear, resentments, regrets, anger, failure, and guilt.
By wearing this stone you will stimulate your creativity and artistical skills, interest in art will slowly open. Is also stimulating the brain and increases intellectual capacity.
The pink quartz stone successfully manages to protect lovers, children, parents. It is also a protection stone and also support during pregnancy and labor.
I recommend you to wear this stone in times of emotional distress (divorce, failure, troubles in your life) because he is also a good balm for grieving souls.
Pink quartz will also help your physical health, helping your heart to function in normal limits, kidneys, circulatory system, ears, neck, nose, sinuses, fertility, adjusting your sexual problems, reduces migraines, help in weight loss, balance the activity of your genital organs and also balance yin-yang energy.
Pink quartz stone is recommended to the following zodiac signs: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, and Libra, being in the same time the lucky charm talisman of Capricorn sign. Is governed by the planet Venus and it can increase his benefits for the persons born on the date of 7. It is a beneficial talisman for all chakra but mainly for the heart chakra.
Our lovely pink quartz talismans (both necklaces and bracelets) can be a wonderful gift for a friend, a partner, a loved one or for you!

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