Onyx stone - a power giving stone

Onyx is a stone of the interior strength. It helps us to be more indulgent and persistent, encouraging us to solve even the most difficult and gloomy situations. At the mental level, it improves our ability to remain focused. It energizes the retrieval of information and teaches us to look at the details. These gifts make Onyx a perfect stone for students, students, teachers, business people, accountants, lawyers, software technicians, and for all those who require a high level of concentration, perseverance, and discipline.
Onyx is also a stone of physical strength. It allows us to conserve energy rather than dissipate it, by learning to build our progressive vitality. This vitality is necessary especially after long periods of illness, or after hard work, extremely demanding, both situations getting our energy and power. It is a perfect stone that helps us keep our focus and the desire to finish a diet, a weight loss program and any other effort to improve your health. Onyx is an excellent stone for bodybuilders, even if the goals are quite modest. It encourages us to program, diet or any other effort and increases the sense of satisfaction that comes with the goal.
Onyx emanates the energy of self-control. It helps us to control, focus and direct the will, and this brings a considerable increase in personal power. For those who have a lot of ideas, but not the necessary discipline to fulfill them, the Onix brings them to Earth and encourages them to put each idea together until everything has the desired shape. The Onyx teaches us that the most important form of control is self-control. Those who seek to achieve their goals by manipulating those around them are advised to take advantage of the advantage of the Onyx, namely the ability to realign someone's attention and intent with their own actions. In this way, they will discover that true success has bypassed them until they have done this realignment.
Onyx calms and compresses excessive energies. Calms nervousness, suppresses anxiety and relieves tempering temperament. It has a good influence when working with high-energy crystals that can provide sensational visions and views, but over-energize our energy field. It works through the first, third and sixth chakras, the places of physical vitality, will, and mental activity. It is an excellent stone to wear in any conflicting situation, helping us to keep calm.
Onyx is a power-giving stone that provides support in difficult or confusing situations or in periods that generate a huge mental or physical stress. It facilitates the centering of energy and its alignment with superior power. The Onyx can help us to see in the future, and through his ability to confer great personal strength contributes to controlling his own destiny. This stone promotes force, vitality and durable resistance. Onyx helps learn life lessons, stimulates self-confidence, and helps us feel at ease in any circumstances.
Onyx is a stone of secrets and helps us not to blame our own secrets. On the other hand, it keeps the memory of all the things that happened to its bearer. Therefore, it can be used in psychometry, revealing many stories to those who know how to interpret its vibrations.
This quality of physical memory makes Onyx an extremely useful stone for accessing past lives in order to heal old wounds and physical trauma that continues to affect the present life. Onyx focuses attention on injured bodily sites in the past, thus enabling the elimination of trap-driven emotional emotions through various methods, such as reviewing or crystal therapy. It can also be used to heal the old soul pain.
Psychologically, Onyx recognizes and integrates dualities in the Higher Self. It anchors the eerie vibrations and gives stability to life. Amplify self-control. Onyx is a tonic to the mind and alleviates fears and overwhelming worries. Offers the invaluable gift of wise decisions.
Physically, the Onyx absorbs the universal energy needed for healing and for other purposes. It balances the yin and yang energies inside the physical body.
Onyx can be of several colors and mostly in our bracelets or necklaces you will find the black one.
Black Onyx stimulates the Earth's Chakra and the first chakras, helping us to land and connect with Earth's electromagnetic energy. It is an excellent stone that can be used as a "magic world". The Black Onyx is used as a magic stone for thousands of years and is considered one of the best materials for the magic amulets sculpture. Spiritually, the Black Onyx teaches us to use our proper powers and to concentrate all our powers on a positive force. It is an excellent stone for those who want to develop their telekinetic abilities. From the emotional point of view, the Black Onyx is also neutral. Physically, the Black Onyx stimulates the connection between the legs and the root chakra. This connection is useful for those who suffer from weak legs and those who have difficulty grounding, removing toxins or excess energy.
Onyx works well with any stone. It does not increase their energies, but it strengthens them.

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