Obsidian - Stone Without Borders

The stone without borders, who acts fast and powerful. Its mirroring qualities reveal the obvious flaws, weaknesses, and blockages. You can not hide anything from the obsidian. By pointing out how destructive states are removed, the obsidian forces growth and provides support in this process. It should be handled with care, preferably under the guidance of an experienced therapist, as it can bring to the surface negative emotions and unpleasant truths. Well guided, its cathartic qualities are extremely valuable. He deeply heals the soul. The obsidian facilitates the return to previous lives to heal the emotions or traumas currently transmitted. Obsidian is a highly protective stone that forms a shield against negativity. Provides an anchoring strut from the root chakra to the center of the earth, absorbs the negative energies from the environment and strengthens it if necessary. Useful for highly sensitive people. Blocks the psychic attacks and removes negative spiritual influences. A large piece of obsidian is very effective against geopathic stress or to absorb environmental pollution. But its natural tendency to reveal the truth must be taken into account. Many consider its powerful overwhelming effects and prefer to use it more moderate stone. It is, however, extremely useful to therapists and counselors because, besides allowing the essence of the problem, the obsidian purifies the released energies. The obsidian black or dark brown red is best suited for this, the second being slightly more gentle. Also, an obsidian placed near the bed or under the pillow eliminates mental stress and tension. He will calm down, but will also highlight the reasons for the stress. Reasons to face before the peace comes back: the obsidian will solve the problem forever instead of having a palliative effect. The most moderate forms, such as the obsidian teardrop or snowflake obsidian, are used for this purpose. Since the obsidian is so effective in absorbing negative energies, it is essential to clean the stone under the jet of water after each use. At the spiritual level, the obsidian vitalizes the immaterial objective, eliminates energy blockages and treats tension, integrating the psychological shadow as a whole before reaching spiritual integrity. It anchors the spirit in the body, stimulates growth at all levels, urges the exploration of the unknown, opens new horizons. The obsidian provides clarity to the intellect, removes confusion and oppressive beliefs, clearly specifying what is behind evil or mental despair. Expands consciousness, entering with confidence and courage in the unknown. Psychologically, the obsidian lets you become aware of what you really are. Put the individual in front of his dark side and teach him how to integrate it. Help identify outdated behavioral patterns, removes emotional blockages, and heals old traumas, deep emotions, and lucidity. Promotes compassion and strength. It gives an overview of the cause of evil. Helps assimilate everything that is difficult accepted and facilitates digestion. It detoxifies, removes the blockages and tension of subtle bodies and the physical body, including thickened arteries. It alleviates the pain caused by arthritis, joint aches, cramps, and wounds. As an elixir, it is beneficial in the event of a shock. Calms pain and stops bleeding, improving blood circulation. Heats the extremities. It can be used to treat prostate adenoma. Place it where it is needed. Use it as a globe or mirror to predict the future.


Besides the generic features, the obsidian in the following colors has additional properties:

The black obsidian is a very powerful and creative stone that anchors the soul and spiritual forces on the physical plane, putting them under the guidance of conscious will and allowing them to manifest their energies on the earth. This stone is also responsible for the increase of self-reliance. The black obsidian binds to confront the true I, reaching the depth of the subconscious. It removes imbalances and obscure aspects, highlights hidden factors and amplifies negative energies so that they are fully felt and then released. This curative effect returns to previous lives and can act on the ancestral and family line. The black obsidian uses the past as a compost to produce the fertile energy needed to develop the soul. Corrects the previous inappropriate use of power and investigates all such problems on all levels, and learns that having power is not to exercise it for personal purposes, but to use it for the good of all. It allows the abandonment of old love and supports this process. Used in shamanic rituals to eliminate physical problems, he also possesses the gift of prophecy. Black obsidian globes facilitate meditation and prediction of the future. Only those able to process consciously what they see and use for the benefit of all should use them. Transparent quartz helps to anchor and formulate what is revealed. Located on the abdomen, this stone anchors the spiritual energy into the body. Held briefly above the third eye, breaks the barriers mental and remove conditionality. Carefully used, adds scattered energy and favors emotional release.

The blue obsidian favors an astral journey, facilitates divination and intensifies telepathy. Activates the neck chakra and supports communication. Opens the aura to the curative energy reception. Treats eye diseases, Alzheimer's disease, schizophrenia, and personality. Placed on the affected area, reduces pain.

The blue-green obsidian opens the chakras of the heart and throat, facilitates the assertion of truth and understanding from the heart. Helps to heal through Reiki, balances the mind, body, and spirit. improves assimilation of vitamins A and E and night vision.

The blue-steel obsidian is an intuitive stone. It favors divination, trenches, shamanic journey, psychic communication, and regression to previous lives. Opens the third eye and facilitates inland travel. Like all other forms of the obsidian, they access the sources of difficulty and balance the energy fields. It intensifies radionuclide treatment and is used as a radius pendulum makes the patient more receptive. It treats the deformities of the spine, herniated disc, circulatory disorders, tumors, and spasms.

The gold obsidian is particularly effective in predicting the future. He leads in the future and the past into the depths of the essence of a problem. Show what is necessary for healing, but obtained through other crystals. Psychologically, it eliminates the sense of uselessness or conflict of the ego. Excluding any involvement of the ego, it gives the clarity of the spiritual direction. Balances the energy fields.

The green obsidian opens and purifies the chakras of the heart and throat. Removes dependency on others and protects against repetition. Treat bile and heart bladder.

The obsidian dark brown red has a moderate energy than the black one. Resonating with the earth, anchors and protects, empowers when needed, revitalizes the goal, eliminates energy blockages, and favors development at all levels. Stabilizing stone fortifies weakened aura and restores the correct direction of rotation of sacral chakras and solar plexus. Worn on the body, reduces pain and improves circulation.

The obsidian-rainbow is one of the most moderate varieties of obsidian, although it is endowed with great protective powers. It teaches the individual to understand his spiritual nature. Breaks the bonds of old love, gently removes the hooks that the partner has left in the heart, recharging it with energy. As a pendant, it absorbs the negative energy of the aura and relieves stress.

The red-black obsidian increases Kundalini energy. It favors vitality, virility, and brotherhood. Treats fever and colds.

The silver obsidian intensifies meditation. It offers a mirror of the inner being. It brings lifetime benefits, patience, and perseverance when it is needed. During extracorporeal journeys, it connects the body astral to the physical one, making the soul return to the physical body.

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