Lava Stone - Re-Birth stone

Lava stone is the oldest stone in the world and has been used in many ancient cultures, but nowadays. Over the centuries, it has been used in therapy. Nowadays, it is used in the form of jewelry and massage stone because it keeps the heat very well.
When we think of the lava stone, it is good to remember the origin of the lava, which plays a key role in its energy properties. Because it comes from the inside of the earth, it is considered a stone of Re-Birth, so it can be used by anyone who wants to reinvent, to go through a difficult time, to start a new road.
Spiritually, lava stone is fantastic in rebalancing the root chakra. That's because of its strong connection to the earth with his whole creation.
In folklore, it is said that the lava stone was given to the soldiers to remain calm during the wars.
How is it used? It is good to be in direct contact with the skin to absorb its energy, but it can also be placed in rooms to disperse negative energies and electrosmog. Therapists use it to lift anxiety without synthetic drugs.
It can bring resistance and courage to anyone who wears. Can be combined with other stones. It has an intense but calm energy.
At the spiritual level, it brings stability.
Some people are still skeptical about this type of therapy, but lava stone can be worn even by those people or those who want to stay connected with nature.
It is said to be the blood of our planet and has a special energy that can be awakened by its bearer. Promoting force, blocking psychic attacks and removing negative influences.
For people who believe in her power, it is a source of energy, love, joy, health, beauty, and hope.
Wearing volcanic stone jewelry helps clarify thoughts to remove confusion and oppressive beliefs.

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