Lapis Lazuli - The Stone of Truth

Lapis lazuli opens the third eye and balances the neck chakra. Stimulates enlightenment, helps to interpret dreams, develops psychic abilities, facilitates spiritual journey and stimulates personal and spiritual power. Eliminate stress, inducing profound peace. Endowed with immense serenity, it is the key to spiritual fulfillment. Lapis lazuli is a protective stone that creates contact with the guardians' spirits. It identifies the psychic attack, blocks it, and sends the energy back to the source. It teaches you the power of the word and turns back the curses or evil caused by the lack of communication in the past. This stone harmonizes the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual plans whose imbalances can cause depression, malaise, and loss of purpose. in contrast, harmony leads to better self-knowledge. Lapis lazuli encourages taking control of one's own life. It reveals the inner truth, favors self-consciousness, and allows for personal expression without restraint or compromise. If the wrinkled anger causes throat problems or during communication, lapis lazuli removes these blockages. It induces honesty, compassion, and honesty. A powerful amplifier of thoughts, stimulates higher mental faculties, giving objectivity and clarity. encourages creativity while harmonizing with the source. Lapis lazuli supports the confrontation of truth and acceptance of his teachings. Allows expression of opinions and conflict resolution. It teaches you the value of active listening. Lapis lazuli brings love and friends, facilitating the expression of feelings and emotions. It makes the torments, cruelty, and suffering disappear. In essence, it dissolves emotional chains.

Lapiz Lazuli treats the pain, especially the one caused by migraines. Cure depression, deafness, is beneficial for the respiratory and nervous system, throat, larynx, and thyroid, purifies organs, bone marrow, thymus, immune system, blood. Enables the immune system. Treats insomnia and dizziness, lowers blood pressure.

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