Kyanite - The Stone of Ties and Bridges

Kyanite is a stone of ties, bridges of high light between disparate aspects of reality. It can overcome the energy blockages in the aura and the emotional blockages between people, helping to restructure the energies and mental habits that prevent us from advancing to higher levels of learning. The strong energy of Kyanite configures previously existing energy routes.

Kyanite is helpful in negotiations, diplomatic missions, arbors and other forms of communication between people with divergent attitudes. It acts like an energy bridge, making separate energies easy to enter resonance and find a common frequency. It helps us find ways to overcome differences in beliefs and opinions. Kyanite helps to find a way to incorporate all aspects of the self into a harmonious whole, by supporting us to shape our own path and bringing together our whole range of interests, skills, and knowledge. This helps us to have the image of our own mosaic of gifts and talents and how to use them to fulfill our mission on these Earth.

Kyanite awakens psychic and parapsychic abilities, promoting communication with the beings in Upper Plans, opening the third eye during meditation or healing sessions. Its structure and vibrational pattern make it an ideal transmitter of energy from one being to another. Kyanite is one of the most remarkable allies in crystalline resonance therapy or other forms of crystal therapy. Cleans the energy field and provides a safe space for mental and healing work. The frequency of Kyanite requires us to act based on intuition, building bridges between the inner and outer self. It helps us think through dark thoughts, speculation or indecision to progress in life.

Kyanite is highly recommended for meditation and access to spiritual worlds. Relieves the mind, amplifies and transmits high-frequency energies and stimulates mental capabilities and intuition. It allows access to the causal level, and then the manifestation of spiritual energy through thinking. Establish a connection with spiritual guides and induce compassion. It impresses spiritual vibrations in the physical plane, giving spiritual integrity and leading to maturity. Kyanite facilitates the memory of dreams and promotes dreaming dreams. It is extremely useful for people who are about to move into the world beyond.

Kyanite instantly aligns chakras and subtle bodies. Purifies and unblocks subtle channels and energetic meridians. It plays the vitality of the physical body and its organs. When used for therapeutic purposes, it stabilizes the biomagnetic field through various purification and transformation techniques.

Kyanite stimulates the third eye and extrasensory abilities. It overcomes the blockages in the energetic and physical bodies and keeps the auric field of intruders. Kyanite helps us give up faith in a blind destiny or implacable karma. It reveals the role played by the Self in creating the causes and measures needed to balance the past. It facilitates the process of ascension by attracting in the physical dimension of the Light body and by connecting higher minds with the highest frequencies.

On the emotional plane, the usual emotional patterns can create blockages in the energy field that work just like those dives formed on a disc, making endlessly repeating the same inner dialogue with the same emotional content. Kyanite has the power to overcome such patterns, helping to quickly create new energy flow paths and bringing immediate changes to the way to perceive the world.

Psychologically, Kyanite encourages the uttering of personal truth and transcending fears and blockages. It acts on the neck chakra and encourages self-expression and communication. It helps to overcome ignorance and to reveal the spiritual and psychological truth.

Mentally, Kyanite eludes confusion and removes bottlenecks, illusions, anger, frustration, and stress. Improves logical and linear thinking stimulates the upper mind and connects it with the causal plane.

Physically, Kyanite builds a bridge over energy gaps caused by fractures, operations, or other troublesome traumas, helping nerves and tissues to restore paths to the site of the lesion. It is ideal for those who work to cure the brain of the effects of skull traumas, strokes or strokes.

Kyanite treats muscle problems, fever, urogenital system, thyroid and parathyroid, adrenal glands, neck, and brain. It's a natural analgesic. It lowers blood pressure and heals infections. Eliminates excess weight, stimulates the cerebellum and motor reactions of the body. Kyanite is a wonderful crystal that balances yin and yang energies.

Can be held in the hand or placed on the affected site. The best positioning is between the navel and the heart. It can be worn as a pendant.

All Kyanite varieties harmonize with each other and it is advisable to use them together. They can mutually amplify their effects, bringing to the greatest extent what is best of what everyone has to offer. Being incapable of retaining any negative energy, Kyanite does not need purification.

Blue Kyanite has high vibration and produces very fast energy transfers. Opens extra-sensory channels and activates mental centers, enhancing intellectual capacity and downloading information from higher sources. Facilitates telepathic communication between beings, especially if both parties wear it. A Kyanite placed under the pillow will greatly stimulate the experience of the lucid dream.

Blue Kyanite links the physical body, the astral body and the causal body, stimulating full consciousness during lucid sleep, dream and dreamless sleep. Much has to be done for this, but it is a worthwhile effort when we reach our goal.

The Blue Kyanite strengthens the voice and the throat and the larynx. That's why they are highly recommended for vocal artists and public speakers.

Blue Kyanite can be combined with Green Kyanite, for their energies to resonate with the center of the heart. Using the two stones together, we channel high-frequency vibrations in the direction of self-induction and other beneficial directions. The Green Kyanite also has the gift of maintaining the heart's focus on the psychic apertures made by Blue Kyanite, thus protecting the Self against the use of increased psychic abilities as an excuse for experiences to satisfy the ego.

Green Kyanite creates a bridge between the individual self and the dynamic balance of Nature. Within natural systems, such as ecosystems and living organisms, there is a tendency towards finding a stable balance. Nature is balancing and re-adapting to changing conditions as the flow of life advances over time. Green Kyanite helps us feel a perfect balance, constantly moving, flowing the Kyanite force, life in the Universe.

Green Kyanite mediates connection with the truth of the heart. It helps us to discern the truth circulating around us, whether listening to the news broadcast on television or the words of a friend or family member. We will know immediately if the person we are listening to speaks or not in the heart. This stone is not a lie detector, but one of sincerity. Having a Green Kyanite around, we will be helped to feed ourselves from the heart's heart. This is profitable, meaning we will not need to look for answers to questions outside of us.

Black Kyanite removes the energies blocked at the level of the chakras and energizes the meridian system energetically. It has both earthing and energizing properties, increasing vibrational frequencies without making the body out. It is useful for energy healing because it eliminates imbalances and leads to unbounded flow through all body systems. Anchors the body and align chakras during and after meditation.

The Black Kyanite brings us back, through past lives, and before, in possible future. It favors the experience of interdimensional consciousness without losing its connection with the Earth.

Indigo Kyanite emanates an energy that penetrates deep into mental centers, stimulating epiphysis and activating latent extrasensory capacities. We can use these stones to get into the lucid dream state, wearing one on us when we go to bed or put it under the pillow. Astral journeys made in a lucid state are strongly stimulated by Indigo Kyanite energy.

When we need a penetrating inner view to discover the truth from a given situation, or when we need to get rid of confusion and uncertainty, we can call Indigo Kyanite. In addition, this stone inspires loyalty and fairness to peers. It helps us resolve misunderstandings and disputes and reinvigorate relationships. It favors reconnection with loving dreams and aspirations, giving us that clear vision necessary to fulfill them.

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