Howlite Stone

Howlite is a strong soothing stone. Placed under the pillow is an excellent antidote for insomnia, especially when it is caused by over-excitement.
It connects to the spiritual dimensions, allows for harmony with them and prepares the mind for the reception of intelligence and intuitions. Assists extra-corporal journeys and access to previous lives. The look focused on a howlite gem can transport us into another age or dimension. On the third eye, it offers access to the memories of previous lives, including those of the "intermediate" state and spiritual dimensions. It helps to clarify the ambitions, spiritual and material, and to materialize them.
In psychological terms, howlite calms and helps to eliminate uncontrolled anger and anger. Carried in the pocket or at your wrist, howlite will absorb your, but also the anger directed towards you. It allows overcoming the tendency to criticize and selfishness, reinforcing the positive features. Calms the mind and is excellent for sleeping or meditating. It favors calm and logical communication, improves memory and stimulates the desire for knowledge. This crystal calms the powerful emotions, especially those whose causes are found in previous lives. Cuts the bonds that connect the emotions of the past and the catalysts of the present life.
Treat insomnia, balance calcium concentration in the body, good teeth, bones and soft tissues.
Place it where it is needed or wear it during meditation or to drive away anger.
Howlite is found in many colors, such as white, red, blue

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