Hematite - The stone of those who succeed in life

Black, metallic, rainbow, or multicolored iridescent, hematite stone has a powerful protective role against negative energies and accidents, being especially indicated in blood, bone, heart, spleen, bile, kidney and lung disease.
In antiquity, shamans placed a hematite over the sick of the body and the spirit of the disease was absorbed by this crystal, the disease being completely healed.

By wearing hematite stone jewelry you will open a permanent gate to a contact with God, being ideal for meditation and prayer (besides facilitating the connection with the Divinity, praying with a stone in your hand will load your prayers with spirituality, which leads to the amplification in time and curative effects).

The hematite properties have been remarkable over time, and the crystal is also useful to those who have been through a busy period, being subjected to intense psychological pressures, which is why they are said to help develop psychological and intellectual abilities. He is also a good companion to peace, inner balance, and satisfaction.
Extremely effective for anchoring and protection. Harmonizes mind, body, and spirit. Used during extracorporeal journeys, hematite protects the soul by helping it return to the body. This stone has a strong yang component. It balances meridians and rectifies yin imbalances. It dissipates negativity and prevents negative energies from penetrating the aura, restoring the peace and harmony of the body. It is believed that hematite is beneficial in legal matters. Psychologically, the hematite has a strong action. Stands up shy women, returning self-esteem and the ability to survive, strengthen the will and trust, and provide security. It goes beyond self-imposed limits and favors development. It contributes to overcoming constraints and dependencies. The Hematite brings to mind the unfulfilled desires that lead our life. He treats bulimia, tobacco and any form of excess. It helps you to see mistakes as educational experiences, and not as disasters. Mentally, it stimulates concentration, improves memory and originality. It draws attention to the essential needs of survival and helps solve all kinds of problems. Encourages the study of mathematics and technical disciplines.
Physically, hematite is heavily linked to the blood, regulating blood circulation. It can remove the heat from the body.
It treats circulatory disorders, such as Reynaud's disease, and blood (anemia). Helps kidneys purify blood and regenerate tissues. It stimulates the absorption of iron and the formation of red blood cells. It treats muscle cramps, anxiety, insomnia, fractures and deformities of the spine.

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