GoldStone - Personal Power Stone

GoldStone is a stone of personal power, of freedom and of expanded consciousness. Of all the stones in the world, it truly reflects the qualities of the Sunlight - openness, goodwill, warmth, strength, mental clarity and promptitude, but also the ability to bless others. These are the qualities desired by those who lead, and GoldStone can ignite the "Fire of Conduct" in those who carry it. Those who feel the call to charity will find in the GoldStone the necessary help to find inner convictions to advance. Those who are kept in fear and doubt will discover that the GoldStone dissipates the feeling of unworthiness that keeps them from becoming the ones who really are. GoldStone emanates a wide spectrum of positive energies, and when we resonate completely with this stone, we will feel that we have discovered the Horn of Abundance in its own right. GoldStone gives birth to the feeling of abundance on all levels and sustains us in the manifestation of prosperity, but also helps us to gain knowledge and wisdom.

GoldStone energizes the second and third chakra, stimulating not only the sense of leadership and will but also creativity and sexuality. Combining these energies brings adventurous, innovative and joyful experiences into sentimental and artistic life. This is a combination of great exuberance that everyone likes.

GoldStone is the ally of the Fire element that carries the Frequency of the Sunshine, representing the illuminated leadership and the ability to use knowledge and wisdom for the Superior Good of All. In the past, leadership meant the use of power for selfish gains or for oppressing the free will of others. GoldStone does not promote this type of leadership. The leadership promoted by this stone represents the ability to take responsibility for the common good. It is not the assumption of power, but rather the assumption of the responsiveness with the willingness to manifest the highest potential of the Spirit on the Earth. GoldStone teaches us that this leadership represents our position in the service of others, not the oppression of others and their use for selfish purposes.

GoldStone has the wonderful ability to show us the desires of selfishness. It is an excellent stone to use in business relationships because of its ability to reveal the true motives of both the Self and others and to expose the bad faith.

GoldStone is a bright stone and gives joy, lust, and life to the intuition. When life seems to have lost its charm, GoldStone gives us the joy of living and self-love. Purify all the chakras and load them with light and energy, allowing the Self to come out with joy. During meditation, but also in everyday life, this stone offers a deep connection with the Light and the regenerating power of the Sun.

Sun Stone is extremely useful for removing the "strings" that connect us with other people, whether they are affected by chakras or aura. These "strings" can manifest themselves emotionally or mentally and can have as their source the parents, the children or the possessive partners. The Stone of the Sun sends these energies to their possessor with love and is extremely effective in cutting energy bonds. If we have difficulty saying "No!" And if we always sacrifice for the sake of others, it would be good to always have such a stone with us. It eliminates codependence and confers personal strength, independence, and vitality. In addition, it eliminates the tendency to crawl and postpone the sun.

Spiritually, GoldStone teaches us to use our abilities in the service of others. It is a stone of abundance, which helps us achieve our own desires in the physical plane.

On the emotional plane, GoldStone heats and stimulates the emotional body. It helps us to turn our anger into energy, the judgments in joy. This stone raises the vibrational level of anyone coming in contact with it. GoldStone acts as an antidepressant and dives into the evil state. It is particularly effective in case of seasonal affective disorders, bringing light into the darkness of winter. It helps those who feel discriminated, disadvantaged, or abandoned to become detached. Eliminates inhibitions and the feeling of failure, enhancing self-esteem and self-esteem. Encourages optimism and enthusiasm, often leading to positive changes in the course of events. Even the most incorruptible pessimists react positively under the influence of GoldStone.
GoldStone is the Yang energy that balances the Yin energy of the Moon's Stone, and when they are worn together, they work in perfect harmony. Labradorite can be exceptionally combined with both GoldStone and the Stone of the Moon.

GoldStone heats the physical body and improves metabolism, digestion, and vitality. Supports the balance of the endocrine system and helps heal reproductive problems caused by hormonal imbalances. GoldStone stimulates the self-healing power, regulates the autonomic nervous system and harmonizes all organs. Treat chronic neck pain and stomach ulcers. It has extraordinary effects in case of seasonal affective disorders and eludes any form of depression. Goldstone can be used to create a network of crystals around the body, eliminating the problems of cartilage, rheumatism and any other pain.

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