Fluorite - Protective stone

Strongly protective stone, especially on the psychic level, it helps you detect the external influences that interfere with your work and point to psychic manipulation. Purifies and stabilizes the aura. Extremely effective against electromagnetic stress. Positioned correctly, it blocks geopathic stress. Used in healing, fluorite absorbs the whole of negative energies and relieves stress. It cleanses, purifies, removes and reorganizes everything that is not in perfect harmony in the body. The best crystal to defeat any form of disorganization. Fluorite anchors and integrates spiritual energies favors impartiality and develops intuition, helping you to become aware of superior spiritual realities. Accelerates spiritual awakening, focuses on the mind by connecting it to the universal one. It brings stability to the groups and unites them for a common purpose. This stone is associated with progress on many levels, structured everyday life, overcome chaos, and reorganize physical, emotional and mental bodies. In a psychological plan, it destroys the patterns of inculcated behavior and gently opens the door of the subconscious, releasing the refuted feelings, so they can be analyzed. It increases self-confidence and dexterity. Improves physical and mental coordination, neutralizes mental disorders. Leaves fixed ideas, helps overcome the mediocrity of the spirit to get an overview. Destroy the illusions and reveal the truth. Very useful when we have to act impartially and objectively. It perfectly supports learning: organizes and processes information, links what you know and what you learn, increases concentration. It favors the accumulation of new information and promotes a quick-thinking process. At the emotional level, fluorite has a stabilizing effect. Allows understanding of the effect of mind and emotions on the body. in relationships, learns the importance of balance. Physically, fluorite favors balance and coordination.
Heals infections and many diseases. Beneficial for teeth, cells, bones, rebuilds the structure of DNA. Fluorite also has a strong antiviral effect. Regenerates skin and mucous membranes, especially those of the respiratory system, treats ulcers and wounds. Cures colds, flu, and sinusitis. Destroys adhesions and relieves joint mobility, calms arthritis, rheumatism, and spinal disorders. Walking on the body to the heart, the fluorite relieves the pain, especially the shingles and other system diseases nervous. Treat the skin, removing imperfections and wrinkles. It can be used during dental treatment. Increase libido.
It can be worn or placed in the environment around you. For healing, place it where it is needed. Fluorite absorbs negative energy and relieves stress.

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