Crystals curative properties

"Crystals are known as friends of the soul. That's why it's good to know how to use them to get them as close as possible."

Moshe Zamurovich, master of Karuna Reiki

Crystals provide energy, helping the body to a cellular level, maintaining health or even recovering. When mentally resonates with a crystal, it reacts as an amplifier, intensifying the healing process. The affected areas are conscious and the energy of the body enhanced by the crystal is mentally guided, thinking that complete recovery will occur and not negate the affection. It is good to enter psychologically in resonance with the vibrations of health rather than those of illness and at the same time avoid the use of "no" negation. A great part here is faith without doubt and will. Crystals can help the mind reach the area of suggestion, where it can be programmed to create morpho-functional changes.

Wearing a crystal on the body produces larger amounts of alpha waves of the brain. These are the ones that access the subconscious, here being the possibility of eliminating affections by changing the "virus programs" of the body.

Modern medicine, besides other alternative and complementary methods, could also use the power of crystals to achieve safer results in treating the human body with medication or surgery.

The curative properties of the crystals have been known since ancient times, being used for the creation of tinctures, for protection by wearing at the neck like amulets or talismans. They protect and help increase the energy field of the body through the vibrations they emit. These living beings, through their piezoelectric property, are capable of maintaining an electrical charge, having a frequency which in the human body increases the power of meditation, thus leading to accelerating the recovery process.

Subject to pressures, heating or cooling, crystals can emit a different type of energy than the one previously absorbed. Energy absorption can be made by Earth's magnetism and solar radiation. Their energy emissions have been highlighted scientifically with the help of special Kirlian shooting systems.

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