Crystals benefits

Choosing a crystal to be worn as good luck and health is not as simple as it seems at first glance. It is very important that, before using it, it is to be purified, because the crystal can be charged with the vibrations of the environment with which it is in contact. So, at the time of purchase, the crystal carries with it the energy footprint of those who touched or carried it. The human vital field is the information and affective energies that are transferred to the crystal at the moment of touch. An extrasensory person can even give details about those who have touched the crystal before. And the person who is wearing it unnaturally will observe over time that something is wrong with it as an energy balance, health, and the achievement of daily goals that seem to stop them from finishing, but this happens if people who have previously reached the crystal have been carrying negative energies.

If they are well-chosen and cleaned before they are worn, crystal jewelry imparts a beneficial frequency to the body that enhances the physical, mental and spiritual capacities of the bearer. Not by chance, the bishops wear amethyst stones on their rings.


In therapies, crystals prove their effectiveness in deep relaxation, self-knowledge, increased ability to concentrate, creativity, spiritual development, combating stress and anxiety, achieving an optimal balance between physical, energetic and spiritual bodies, improving the ability to communicate with people around, adapting to changes, eliminating excess kilos.

Crystal therapy is a treatment that gives the body greater power to heal itself

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