Crystal therapy can heal emotional trauma

Since ancient times, quartz crystals have been used both as adornments and as particularly effective therapeutic tools in treating many diseases.
In therapy, crystals and stones are used applied directly to the patient's body or to energize various natural remedies to make elixirs (dilutions of various herbs that have been energized by quartz and stones).

As jewelry, the therapeutic effect only occurs after they are purified (quartz is kept for seven days in a mixture of sea salt and water, then washed and used) and energized.

Here are the main stones and quartz, used successfully in treating emotional imbalances:

Pink quartz purifies and harmonizes energy emotionally, unlocking the ability to receive and give love. He is the healer of the wounds of the soul, no matter how profound and painful they are. Also called the "quartz of love", it emits soft and soft energy that helps us overcome past trauma, love again.

Kunzite is a stone that channel the love to the outside, frees from fear, annoyance, and anxiety. Dissolves any emotional blockage, continuing the process of pink quartz. The energy of kunzite induces an anchoring at present, useful to depressed people with sentimental problems, those who fail to detach themselves from past traumas.

Rododysite prepares the physical body to become more receptive to love. It releases the solar plexus from the negative accumulations, combining very well in the therapeutic plan with malachite.

Aventurin is quartz that dissolves negative thoughts and feelings about the physical plane, reflects a green, invigorating, curative ray, being a "universal panacea" in healing, and can be placed wherever there is suffering. Soothe emotions. It can be worn in stressful periods, helping to maintain balance and harmony. In the therapeutic arrangements, it is used alongside malachite (malachite brings emotional suffering to the surface, and the aventurin reassures and dissolves them) and pink quartz.

Malachite brings all the negative emotions to the surface, for their awareness and helps us detach from them. It is the main stone that leads to the "emotional release" therapeutical plan.

Green jade has a calming, relaxing effect. It fights the states of anger, brings clarity and shows the true causes of imbalances. It also helps the human being to extract his energy from inner feelings.

Green tourmaline channel the energy to the desired location and stimulates the nervous system. Its refined energy penetrates all levels of consciousness, increasing the speed of the healing process. As the physical body changes its frequencies, aligning itself with the green tourmaline energy, there is a rebalancing of the hormonal balance that positively influences the psycho-emotional state.

Selenite (The Stone of the Moon) brings to the surface the emotional patterns of the past and dissolves them, helps men to integrate the feminine aspect of their nature.

Smoke quartz eliminates feelings of frustration, soothes, absorbs negative energies. It cleanses on the subconscious level, helping to overcome the emotional problems of the past. It makes the jump to a new stage of sentimental life. It is useful for people who have been through periods marked by mental depression, tired people, "out of the present."

Crystal therapy, as a healing method, should be used ONLY under the guidance and supervision of a specialist therapist and does not exclude classical medical treatment.

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