Chrysocolla Stone

This is the stone that will help you reach all your goals. Gradual increase awareness at all levels, clear blockages energetic. Chrysocolla cleans the Aura and decreases fear and guilt, and brings wisdom, intuition, acceptance, unconditional love, honesty, calm, hope, kindness, tenderness, peace, privacy.

It is a recommended stone for those who have routine activities or those who feel capped.

Increase creativity, communication, emotional balance, joy, flexibility, brotherhood, generosity, goodwill, tolerance, patience, compassion, ability to love.

Chrysocolla is a good emotional binder and a very good stone for use in meditation or prayer.

It is beneficial in cases of ulcers, gastritis, digestive problems pulmonary, arthritis, lung, liver, pancreas disease typically female, recommended for diabetics because it stimulates the pancreas.

Reduces high blood pressure, relieves rheumatism and back pain, lowers fever, helps with infections or inflammation.

It is a protective stone during pregnancy for both mother and baby.

Though beneficial to all the chakras, this stone is especially recommended for the heart chakra, while being a talisman for those with the figure of destiny 5.

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