Aventurine - The Stone of GoodLuck and Hope

Aventurine is a stone of optimism and lifestyle. It helps us to get confident through new situations such as changing jobs, housing, school, starting a new relationship, or changing the course of the spiritual journey. Aventurine teaches us to embrace even aging, illness, and mortality. It is not necessarily a stone of resignation or acceptance, but rather a stone that helps us make great strides on any road we take. It brings with it feelings of relief, sometimes even humor, as we face the ups and downs of life. During meditation, it helps us to keep our focus even in times when nothing seems to happen. In emotional life, it allows us to see the good part of the difficult issues. During periods of illness, inject vital force and help replenish energy reserves.

Aventurine is a good fortune stone and is recommended to those who want to show a high level of prosperity. It's a good stone to take with us at the racing track during a tax inspection or a first date. Aventurine is a very "easy to use" stone and it is enough just to be around to benefit from it.

Aventurine is the strong embodiment of the combination of the water element and the Earth element. It supports both emotional and physical healing, but also energy balancing. The rejuvenating energy of the Aventurine resembles a spring that begins to flow again after a dark and long winter. Its frequencies stimulate physical, emotional and spiritual renewal, encouraging us to abandon obsolete patterns, illnesses, and lessons so that we can become New People.

The energy of the Aventurine helps us discover the spiritual causes of imbalances and diseases. Heals the emotional wounds and help us break out of any harmful relationship, of any kind, and of any suffering. The energy of this stone awakens renewed hope and joy and helps many of those who suffer from depression. Because Aventurine combines the energies of the Water and Earth elements, it helps us maintain our emotional stability during periods of major change. It acts like an emotional anchor that drives us into the heart when the emotional storm comes in.

The Aventurine reminds us of the ephemeral law. It helps us release attachments to creations and experiences. It encourages us to see the change from a philosophical point of view and to look at each moment of derailment as an opportunity for a new beginning, to grow in a new direction. Aventurine maintains optimism and deep appreciation for the immense experiences that life offers us.

Aventurine has a gentle grounding effect on the vibrational field, encouraging the movement of energy from the head directly into the center of the heart. This ability of the Aventurine is especially useful for intellectuals or those who think too much. Aventurine teaches us that an experience is learning itself and does not have to be considered as an event.

Aventurine supports the heart, healing the problems of the circulatory system and stimulating the life-giving energy flow throughout the body. It is a perfect stone for those with heart problems who recover after surgery or after a period of illness. Aventurine is an excellent stone for both newborn babies and preterm babies, energizing their growth. Corrects lethargy and exhaustion, or lack of energy. It cleans the energy system and stimulates new growth and understanding.

Spiritually, Aventurine cleans and rejuvenates the emotional body and heart chakra. It sustains us to quit having more expectations and enjoying the present, each experience in part.

In the emotional plane, Aventurine supports us to find hope, optimism, and joy in everyday life. It helps us stay centered in the heart when we browse through various difficult emotional experiences. Strengthens the will to give up the teeth of old relationships and to accept change, growth, and renewal.

Aventurine harmonizes with all the members of the Quart family, altering their vibration gently when they come in contact with any of them. Aventurine combined with Moldavite creates an extremely dynamic energy that helps us even through drastic transformations with calm, trust and good mood.

Aventurine can be found in many colors, green, orange, yellow, blue, red.

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