Aquamarine - The Stone of Courage, Tranquility, Beauty

The aquamarine is a light green or greenish half-light stone. Its name comes from Latin, meaning "sea water", and is a perfect description of its clarity and color.
In ancient faith, Aquamarine was believed to be a siren treasure and was used by sailors as a talisman of luck, courage, and protection. It was also considered to be a stone of happiness and youth without old age.

The aquamarine, this precious stone full of Light, is one of the Minerals of the Mineral Kingdom. Its soothing energy reduces stress and calms the mind, calming everything from hot flashes, frequent symptoms of menopause and premenopause, to anger. Activate the heart chakra by helping to express the truth. It is one of the most powerful stones for the activation and healing of the heart chakra. Aquamarine is the Water element, bringing us into contact with our subconscious and our most hidden emotions. The aquarium energy is as refreshing as a shower under a cold waterfall. Even if Aquamarine soothes, it does not make us sleep. It is a stone of courage. Harmonizes the environment and protects against polluting agents. In the past, it was believed that Aquamarine neutralized the forces of darkness. The sailors wore it to keep them from drowning.

Aquamarine is a stone of Liberation, helping to break the attachments and old patterns, harmful relationships and the various ways to be. It is very useful for those who keep a grudge, helping them forgive, go further and leave in the past what is already past. The profound energies of the Aquamarine support the current situations of continual and rapid energy change, aside from resistance and removing the fear of the unknown. It especially helps those who are very fond of material things and want to gather as much as possible in the physical plane. Aquamarine also helps us a lot in the periods of mourning for loved ones, teaching us to leave attachments to the physical part of the past and to keep a positive emotional bond with their spiritual side.

For women, Aquamarine brings the courage and clarity of expressing its inner knowledge and enhancing intuitive abilities. For men, Aquamarine helps to "emotional" twist, helping them no longer have any difficulty expressing what they feel. It also calms frustrations and helps temperamental men keep their temper, even if they are challenged. For both men and women, Aquamarine develops a sincere and gentle communication. It is very attractive for children because it makes them more talk-able. This can be a benefit, especially if they are shy or have speech problems. It is also very beneficial for children who have experienced traumatic conditions, separating themselves from their emotional body or expressing their emotions in an aggressive way. Aquamarine is a stone of permissions and helps us realize that not all power comes by showing physical strength. There is tremendous power in and out of sight.

Aquamarine is a stone of the water element. It is a powerful healing agent for the emotional body and is one of the most suitable crystals to remove communication problems. Stimulates energy flow and verbal communication in the heart. , support us to express our deepest truths. It is a stone that helps us to remove the fear of talking, being an excellent stone for teachers, or for those who speak to the crowd. It has a calming effect on the emotional body and helps us to speak clearly and without anger even in the most difficult situations.

The energy of Aquamarine brings to the surface with gentleness, but at the same time with firmness, all the emotional patterns that need to be analyzed and corrected. It helps us to understand our own emotional closure, all the problems of expression and communication, and all the thoughts that keep us on the spot. 
Aquamarine helps us to balance anger and excessive fears, helping us to remove all patterns caused by emotional, physical or verbal abuse of the past. It is an excellent stone for children who have gone through traumatic situations and have separated themselves from their emotional body or those who express their emotions in an aggressive way. Deep Aquamarine's purifying energy helps us quickly accept changes and move quickly over change periods, removing mental resistance and fear of the unknown. It is a very useful stone for those who "carry too many luggage back".

Spiritually, Aquamarine model intuition and allow access to clairvoyance. The stone, very suitable for meditation, appeals to the higher states of consciousness, to spiritual sensitivity, encouraging humanitarian actions.

In the emotional plan, Aquamarine helps us escape the ego and all the unnecessary emotional luggage. It calms anger and hysteria, removing revengeful thoughts and helping us to see the negative emotional patterns we repeat.

Psychologically, Aquamarine is connected with sensitive people. It has the power to invoke the tolerance of others. It prevents the issuing of categorical judgments, asserts any person beyond the responsibility and urges the assumption of responsibility. Creates an honest personality, perseverance, and dynamics. Removes old self-defense programs. The Aquamarine calms the mind, removes superfluous thoughts, filters information that reaches the brain, clarifies a perception, cloaks the intellect, and dispels confusion. By being able to complete unfinished businesses, Aquamarine allows decision-making on all levels. Unlocks communication and favors personal expression. Helps to understand subliminal emotional states and to interpret sentiments. It fights fears and increases sensitivity.

HEALING EFFECTS. Helps in the sore throat, inflammation of the lymph nodes, thyroid disorders. Puts in harmony the functions of pituitary and thyroid, regulates hormonal secretion and growth. Due to its general tonic effect, it strengthens the excretory organs and proves to be useful for eye, gum and stomach disorders. It is useful in treating myopia and presbytism, attenuating excessive immune reactions. It counteracts infections and is especially useful for laryngitis, streptococcal infections or inflamed throat. It supports the healing of inflammatory diseases of any kind, soothing eczema, and skin itching. Removes herpes and prevents allergies. Being a calming stone, Aquamarine soothes the nervous system.

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