Amber - A Beautiful Healing Stone

The color of Amber ranges from yellow to brown or red-brown and is often transparent. The amber may contain traces of plants or insects, some of which are trapped within 120 million years before. The Baltic Amber, considered to be the most refined, was made of resinous coniferous trees 30-60 million years ago. In Greek mythology, the Amber was created when Phaeton, son of Helios, was hit and killed by lightning. The pain of his sisters was so great that they turned into poplars, and their tears turned into Amber drops.

Out of Amber were created jewelry and ornaments for thousands of years. In Egypt, it was used for the last 4500 years, and the Amber beads dating back to 2000 BC. were found in Crete Island, Greece.
Many crystals, minerals, and stones help us connect with the Light, but the Amber wears directly to the Heat. Amber energies are very sunny, and they have the quality to give us a warmth, health, and general well-being. Because it is made up of living trees, the Amber carries the vibration of organic life, and that makes it feel so familiar and friendly. The amber has always been appreciated for its beauty, but also for its healing qualities.

The amber is indicated to be worn by those who recover after certain wounds or after periods of illness, its warmth and its nourishing energies by bringing us into contact with our fundamental strength, but also with our inner safety. Amber is excellent for periods of convalescence because it warms the Soul and activates the vital force, but also the emotional desire to heal. It helps us to see the path to healing and to have the courage and confidence to follow it. Because the Amber carries the vibration of the vital force, it helps us to bring more of this force into the whole being. Amber teaches our longevity, and that is why it is recommended that the elders wear it. Not all of us allow (or wish) to retire in a sunny place with a warm climate, but the Amber facilitates the activation of a "warm indoor climate" so that wherever we are, our entire being feels the Light and Heat.

Amber is not technically considered a mineral, but it has always been respected for its energetic and healing properties. Amber is a true purifier, acting in the energy plan, on the physical and the emotional body, transforming the negative or stagnant energies into clear and useful frequencies. As the trees aspire to the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and convert it into oxygen, the Amber aspires negative energies and turns them into useful energies. It purifies the aura, and at the same time purifies and purifies the environment. This Amber quality transforms it into an excellent stone for protection because it turns negativity into a clear source of energy.

Amber is one of the keys to ancient knowledge and supports us to access our own descendants, but also the genetic lessons and experiences inherited from ancestors, thus being a useful stone for the release of family patterns. It supports us to access past lives during meditation and to clean up all karmic remains in the energy field. He is an excellent ally for shamanic trips because of his protective energies and his ability to facilitate travel in the lower worlds.

Amber is a solidified form of sunlight. Unlike the crystals and stones that are born in the womb of the Earth, the Amber is first of all created by the synthesis of light by plants and trees. By fossilization, that vital force is solidified in this wonderful material we call Ambra or Amber. Due to its relationship with the Light and the Star in the center of our solar system, Amber is an excellent source of Light energy.

Spiritually, Amber assists us to connect with the beings of Light, especially those that are already on Earth. It sustains us to integrate Light into the physical body and is a powerful supporter of energy healing. Provides protection while converting less desirable energies into some superior ones. The amber creates a connection with the solar energy and reminds us of the Light, helping us to stop resisting our personal evolution. The amber amplifies altruism and brings wisdom.

At the emotional level, the Amber gives a state of inner peace and promotes self-confidence. It helps us with seasonal affective disorders or other types of depression caused by lack of light. It helps us find the strength to act in accordance with what the Soul dictates us. It supports the sensible, acting as a light barrier against negativity until they are able to control their intuitive abilities. When we remove the negative entities from our energy field, Amber seals the aura and removes any negative pattern that could allow them to attach themselves again.

Psychologically, amber brings stability in life, but also motivation, linking goals and desire to achieve them. Its warm and bright energy gives a spontaneous and sunny state of mind. Amber counteracts suicidal and depressive tendencies.

In the mental plane, Amber stimulates the intellect, eliminates depression and promotes a positive mental attitude, but also a way of creative expression.
Provides balance and patience, and encourages decision-making, while helping memory and flexibility while removing opposition.

Amber stimulates the inner capacity to manifest prosperity.
Provides balance and patience, and encourages decision-making, while helping memory and flexibility while removing opposition.

Amber purifies and effectively cure chakras. It charges the body with vitality and has the power to heal imbalances and diseases by absorbing pains and negative energies. The amber allows the body to balance and heal itself, while at the same time lightening the stress. It resonates with the throat and treats the chump and other affections at this level. Cures the stomach, spleen, kidneys, bladder, bile, and liver. The amber relieves the pains of the joints and strengthens the mucous membranes. In the form of elixirs or used to treat wounds, it works like a highly effective natural antibiotic. It stimulates the navel chakra and facilitates the anchoring of energies in the physical body. When we become depressed in the winter because of the lack of sunlight, we will be amazed at how the Amber instantly changes our mood. It stimulates metabolism, physical energy, and energy flow along the meridians of the physical body.

Can be held in the hand or placed on the affected place. It is recommended to be worn on the body for long periods of time, at the wrists, in the form of a bracelet, or at the neck, or where it is needed. To protect babies or children in general, it is preferable that the mother first wears the Amber.

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