7 ways to use crystals for your benefit

A crystal, in whatever form it is, is not only a beautiful object that you forget on a shelf in the display case, but it can be more than that! It is a natural source of energy, a protective shield, an "absorbent" of harmful energies, but it can also be a symbol of a purpose you want to achieve. As such, stones, crystals, rocks can be used in at least 7 ways within anyone's reach.

Located anywhere near you - in the house, in the yard, at the office, in the bathroom, in the bedroom, in your pocket, in your bag, in your wallet, in the pen, under the pillow, in the car's torpedo - alone or in combinations of several crystals - crystals it creates a protective network around you ten times larger than its size, and becomes an antenna that captures negative energy, transforms it, and then emits it as beneficial energy.

If, at the initial programming, the crystal is given a certain role, assigned a direction, given a mission, the crystal becomes the talisman that will attract to us the purpose we asked for. The role of a crystal is also to support you in achieving your goals, so you must ask for this in particular. They already have various qualities that help us in certain directions - about which you can read in books dedicated to the metaphysical properties of crystals - but a thought transmitted directly to the crystal will increase the force to turn your desire into reality. Sure, you can leave it and not programmed, to help you in its own way, but if the crystals have the ability to fulfill desires, why not send them exactly what you want? The crystal thus receives a mission!

It is not so that sometimes you need something to hang your hopes on, to represent your desires? The crystal can become the most suitable anchor, the unseen thread that binds you to your chosen purpose. Just give the crystal - in whatever form it is: the pyramid, the simple stone, the statuette, the sphere - the role of helping you to manifest what you want and, whenever you touch or see the supporting crystal, you practically reactivate the desire and remember to repeat the view.

The symbolic object is the representation of the purpose. But he does not do wonders alone, but YOU, because, looking at him, you always remember what you want. Mental programming (initial or repeated from time to time on the object) is very important for the purpose to become reality as soon as possible, so when you place the crystal somewhere in the room, it is good to mentally "program" it with a well-defined goal, and, well explained in words. Whenever you look at that crystal, you practically renew your commitment to the proposed goal, reactivate and feed the desire, ignite the will and look like something reborn inside you to follow your path to what you have proposed. There is also the option to write directly on a stone a wish, a word, a symbol that reminds you of your wish.

Held in hand, the stone relaxes, cools. Sitting constantly on the sick places or on the chakras, over time, improves the health or can be used for pre-puncture or massage. Or the simple wearing of the crystal on you, as a jewel or as a talisman - even without choosing it for this purpose - the stone has therapeutic effects because each crystal has healing effects.

The crystal represents the earth element in Feng-Shui, as such, if they are located in the areas mentioned in the Ba-Gua map - for the element they represent, the crystals activate the specific areas of a room, thus balancing the areas of existence that the respective areas have.

Some people collect coins, banknotes, napkins, packaging ... Due to their diversity, considering that the crystal category is part of several hundred varieties of stones, they can be an excellent collection element, a collection that can grow over time.

If none of these variants appeal to you, then you can only sum up their role as jewelry, or decoration. Although they are beneficial for the energy they transmit around, you can only consider crystals ... beautiful, colorful, glossy, glittering, attractive, with the simple role of beautifying your life, home, clothing, decor. Even so, without giving them any of the roles above, they will work for you and one day, maybe, you will discover what the crystal has done for you ...

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