Try the money attract mudra

If you are facing financial difficulties and you thought you tried all the methods so far, you should wonder if the problem lies in your personal energy.

Lack of money can be caused by an energy field. If the welfare field is unstable, it is periodically blocked. There is a special mudra that involves keeping your fingers in a certain position.

By definition, mudra is a gesture with symbolic meanings, characterized by a certain position of the fingers. Appears in Buddhism, Hinduism, and Jainism.

How to do it?

Put your hands with your palms to the front and tie them by sticking your little fingers. Join the index finger and middle finger with the thumb on both hands. Then close your eyes, relax and coordinate your breath: inspire and expire deeply.

At this time, focus only on attracting wealth and channeling your energies to this. Repeat the ritual daily for 2-3 minutes in the first days, then increase the duration.

Try to do this ritual in the morning or evening.

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