Ritual With Salt For Prosperity

This ritual can be done on the first Sunday of each month.

What we need:
- a simple glass without designs 
- a full spoon of sea salt / Himalaya salt, without iodine, or other additions.

The glass is filled with pure water or rainwater, then dissolve the salt spoon in it and leave it for a while to calm down.

Rinse your hands with this mixture like when we wash with soap and say at the same time the following words:

"Salt is protective, it helps me to multiply my money and never to miss my home!"

Repeat the words until the water is over, then do not dry your hands with anything,  do not wipe or shake your hands in the air. Just applaud and punch your fingers to activate the good vibration. Continue until the hands are completely dried and then you can rinse the dry salt from your hands and continue with your normal daily schedule!

* The ritual can be repeated every month.

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