Ritual For Blessing Someone And Protection

Take a white candle, a pillar candle would work great, and write on it the name of the person, then grease it with a little holy oil.

You can also put a picture of the person under the candle, for more efficiency of the ritual.

The candle should be burned within 7 days. Every day just burns a little of the candle and say this words:

"[Name of person], be blessed and safe,
May all good things come to you,
Let nothing and no one cause you harm,
May your heart be in the light,
May all your roads be guarded,
May your health always be good,
May your mind be lighted and clear,
Let your life be guided by good people.

Be Blessed Daily! "

* Mention - If you want something special for that person (inner peace, find a job, love in life, health) you can mention at the end of the prayer.
If you think it's needed, even after 7 days, you can light once a week, preferably Sunday, a little white candle capsule for that person.

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