Attract money ritual

The spell must be made in the day and the hour of Jupiter. You can find a great calculator for any day and hour if you click here!

You need a green candle and a white candle, the green one is the white money on you. Lubricate oil candles as you think about the money you want to come to. Place the candles on your altar or on a table at a distance of 20 cm between them. Then say:

Money, money to come to me
In abundance, you are three
Enrich me how best it is
Without harming anyone.
That's how it will be
Bring me the thousands and thousands of money.

You have to start the spell on Thursday at Jupiter's day, that is, at sunrise, or every 7 hours after the sun rises on that day. Repeat for 8 days. Every day move the white candle 2.5 cm closer to the green one. When the candles reach each other the spell was made.

Make sure you visualize the money coming to you abundantly and try to imagine the source that generates them.

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