9 rituals said to bring you more money!

"Good luck having more money!" - here is a wish we often hear at anniversaries. But if you are not a lucky person, can you make your own "luck" to attract money in the house? I believe that you could multiply your wealth by practicing certain rituals!

Here are 9 rituals of ancestors that are said to bring you good luck money!

1. Bill-pyramid

Take a bill and make a triangle out of it. Basically, fold the corners so that the banknote appears to be in the triangle, but a little swollen so that will actually have the shape of a pyramid. Gate your wallet-pyramid in your wallet and you'll attract good luck in having always more money into your wallet!

2. The green candle

This ritual can be done only on Wednesdays between 22.00 and 12.00 at night. To make it, you need a green candle, because the green symbolizes fertility and growth! Write on the green candle the amount of money you need to "pay your bills and debts" and every Wednesday, between 22.00 and midnight, light the candle and let it burn, in a quiet corner of the house. Do this ritual every Wednesday night until the green candle burns with your money. There is a saying that after you "burn the candle money," you will get them in real life.

3. Grungy salt for a wealthy house

Wear always with you a small bag with grungy salt, because an old saying from ancestors says that "the grungy salt brings more money in the house."

4. The green ring on your little finger

Also because green is the color of the growth, wealth, fertility, it is best to wear a green stone ring on your little finger to increase your luck in attracting more money. But beware! Women should wear the green stone ring on the little finger from the right hand, and the men on the little finger on the left hand. At the same time, it would be ideal for the green stone to be jade because it is luckier. On the other hand, in order not to throw away the money in the house, never wear a thumb ring.

5. Green wallet

Also because of the significance of the green color, it is advisable to have a green wallet to keep your money, because green means regeneration, so multiplication.

6. Do not receive a purse or a wallet empty

When you receive as a gift a purse or a wallet, no matter who makes you this gift just ask that person to put a small bill inside. If you get them empty, then an old saying says they will stay empty. So never get an empty bag or an empty wallet.

7. When you see a penny on the floor

It is said that if you find money on the street you are lucky. But attention! Not all the money on the ground, lost by others, brings you luck in the house. Some can even take your luck money! It matters how the coin is found on on the ground. If the figure is up, you can take the coin because you bring money into your home, you will get lucky, but if the coin is upside down, and the figure is hidden, then you give your luck out of the house!

8. The plants in the house

And plants can bring good luck in the house, but make sure they make flowers or fruits. A plant like fichus is unsubstantiated, it does not produce anything. To have a rich house, you need the plants you have in the house to make fruit or flowers. Instead of fichus, you better have a geranium or a lemon.

9. Bamboo

Why is bamboo "luckier" than other plants? Because it is in a permanent state of health, it is longevive, able to live only with water, not necessarily with soil. So it's a really surviving plant that can do anything, including bring and attracting financial good luck.

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