Yin Yang - you always have to make a choice !

Yin Yang duality is normal, logical and elementary. Duality is actually present in everything around us: man - woman, good - bad, dark - light, sick - healthy and we can go on like that with a long list. There are people who chose to be good and people who choose to be bad, but always remember the choice is ours and our own souls. Everything is up to how we choose to channelize our energy because what is good for some can be bad for others and the opposite.
Everything is a matter of choice and in the end, the most important thing is to actually make a choice!
"Knowledge means power and power kills if used wrong ! " Also scary, a better translation would be that knowledge means power and together with power comes great responsibilities.
In the entire world and in the Universe there is a dynamic balance tied to the Yin Yang nature itself and if the way of applying the power doesn't lead to a major imbalance this means knowledge. If used for malefic purposes or unjustified then it can lead to death.
Everything has a price in life! You wonder why? When someone is paying the therapist ( the witch, the priest ) this actually is a way of protection for the therapist of not taking the energy field of the patient more then it is allowed to help him and also a Thank you from the patient for the therapist. Also, this becomes an energy equilibrium balance of that situation between the 2 of them. No matter the form or the value of the payment this always must exist, even if it's only symbolical and not financial. Payment is necessary but it must never be exaggerated!

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