What is Empathy and How Can You Find Out if You Are One?

Have you ever wondered why people who are strangers or people you've just met will share their secrets? Do you have a connection with the animals? You can t  watch violence, cruelty or tragedies in movies or on television, because your soul simply can not bear them? Do you have a blink of the character of the people you meet for the first time? Are you very spiritual and is it very hard to find the physical world and everything in it? Are you often tired or have physical illnesses that can not be explained medically? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, you could be "empathetic".
Empaths are people who are extremely sensitive to the energy and emotions of humans, animals and sometimes to the spiritual fingerprints that exist around them. Some are sensitive to plant energy. This extreme sensitivity applies to something familiar as well as to the unknown. We experience the world around us and feel what other people feel through our extremely high senses and intuition. Often, we feel the feelings of others without being aware of this and interpreting these feelings as ours.

Like any healthy person in mind, empathy has the ability to empathize with those who interact. We are able to tell how others feel and understand what they are experiencing (confronting). Those who are empathetic have a much higher level than our average empathy, the ease with which they can connect to the feelings of others and the time they can do. We do not have to rely on physical senses such as seeing, hearing, touching, or clues from our interactions with others to lift the emotions and energies around us. We can feel the emotions from people from near and far.

Busy places, such as malls, supermarkets, stadiums or cinema halls, can overwhelm the senses of empathy. They can fill it with uncomfortable emotions that feel as if it were his, gathered from all the energies around him. Depressed environments, poor energy, homes providing health care, hospitals, can cause depression, physical illness, and empathy.

Pawn stores, consignments, antique stores are places that carry the residual energy from previous owners and can be very damaging to the empathic ones, just as with second-hand cars or pre-owned homes. Many people have stopped attending these types of stores because they reduce their energy (energy that could be constantly exhausted by the pieces they already have in the house).

Empaths are seeking solutions, answers, and cognition. They are thinking and searching a lot. They think there is a solution to any problem and they are restless until they find it and will look tireless until they find the solution. Those who are spiritually connected will ask the universe for guidance and answer. This gift allows you to touch the spiritual realm and adjust your energies.

They often experience the phenomena that appear in everyone's lives, and are much more connected than most people to the supernatural world, recognizing these coincidences as a guideline.

With a natural ability to reach universal energy and to heal others, empath people tend to work towards holistic therapies and works with energies. Their sensitivity allows them to feel the emotions of others, influencing the body and mind and creating harmony within them. To do this, empaths need to learn to preserve the energy of others. Otherwise, the balance and harmony created will cause an imbalance in themselves.

Empaths are basic, non-violent and non-aggressive people who love peaceful and harmonious environments. Dysarmonia creates an uncomfortable condition and will do everything they can to avoid.

They are extremely sensitive to violence, cruelty, and tragedy, whether they are real or dramatic. Looking at television, in movies or reading about something that involves physical suffering or emotional distress is unbearable. The suffering of people, children or animals becomes their own suffering. They will fully identify with the pain and feel it. There are many things they can not watch on TV without becoming extremely depressed. It needs to change the channel quickly so it does not interact with suffering.

Empaths are connected with all animals. They resonate with their energies, love their purity and their unconditional love. Many become vegan or vegetarians because they could feel the vibration of the meat when they ate it. They feel the suffering and fear of the animal. They do not understand why an animal has no rights and is grown to be killed.

Because empathic people feel so deeply, they often work as volunteers and devote their time to helping animals, children, nature and other people in need. They are excellent listeners who are interested in the happiness and well-being of others.

Empaths ask the truth from other people and from themselves. They feel uncomfortable with those they perceive as wanting to manipulate and those who act fake. For this reason, they do not accept and nullify this kind of behavior from someone. They can not tolerate unnecessary dramas, selfish behavior or egocentrism. These attitudes weaken their energy.
They do not lie, nor can they claim to enjoy things that do not give them joy, whether they are social or work. Many empaths work in creative areas such as dance, art, writing or music; expressive fields that nourish their souls and is vital to their welfare.

They also can not claim to be happy when they are not, and unhappiness can take them anytime. Because of the overwhelming, negative and positive energy bombing, empathy is prone to sudden mood swings. They can be extremely happy in one minute and unhappy in another without any logical transition. When they feel unhappy they can not hide this feeling even if they want it. It's written on their face so everyone can see.

One thing that makes them very unhappy are the restrictions. Empaths are free spirits who must have freedom of movement and expression. They feel locked in control, rules, rules that are too rigid and routine.

Empaths emanate a profound level of warmth and compassion, which attracts other people to be close to them.
The deepest concessions have with those who are like them, those who are expressive, open and sincere. They can establish friendships with those who are not like them, but it will feel like an element is missing.

They also have difficulty concentrating on things that do not stimulate their minds. There are dreamers who get bored quickly or are easily distracted. When they do not have the stimulated mind they will go to places that are sometimes detached from physical reality.

They live their lives in duality. Empaths exist physically in the dense, dark world with negative energy and low energy called Earth, but they exist mentally in light, purity, strong energy, an optimistic world. It's hard for them to stay ground because they have understood the freedom of the alternative world, but they have to stay because that is how we all will complete our earthly missions.

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