The five-minute meditation exercise

When you are very tired and stressed because of the many responsibilities that are pressing, you can resort to a simple meditation exercise that lasts only a few minutes, but who succeeds in clearing your thoughts and bringing you calm and quietly dreamed.

The need for meditation is a requirement of a modern man.

Maybe you've wondered why so much is being talked about meditation. This world we now live in is full of anxiety, worry, trouble, and frustration. Negative forces surround us and bombard us everywhere: daily we find only bad news that has the gift of increasing fear and worry and removing any trace of peace from our souls.
We are not only our body, we are both mind and soul, but the latter is often neglected, unfortunately. Maybe we can handle too much of our body, its appearance, the clothes to cover it and its health, without supposing that it is very much about the state of our soul.
Anxiety occurs when we move away from the positive energies of the universe.
Meditation requires a conscious effort. The mind must remain calm and quiet for a few minutes of meditation. We must empty our thoughts that do not leave us alone, try to impose a bit of peace in our minds, make an order in thought.
What is meditation? It is the way to communicate with the divine forces and to unite with the universe, forming a whole. All the anxiety that we experience in everyday life occurs when we move away from this and allow negative energies to control us. For many of us, meditation is a form of prayer. For others, it is only a way of finding peace and lost peace.

Suggestions for Meditation Preparation

The way we meditate is a personal issue, but here are some suggestions that helped many.
Organize your time for meditation. Maybe, in the beginning, you would prefer to meditate in the morning for 5 minutes before going to work. Then it is good to get ready for the evening to have everything ready in the morning without having to hurry.
Lighted candles can remind us of the uniqueness of the universe and the divinity.
Perfumed lighting can induce relaxation and comfort. You can also call on the aromatherapy tips to see what perfume you are recommending.
The hollows will help you think about the peace that would surround your soul when you were a child and carry your thoughts along the seashore. When you go to the sea, gather shells that you should put in front of you when you meditate. You can also buy some that look special to you. Their presence will induce a state of well-being and will lead you to the sea, to the waves, and to the sun's warmth. Even if you have never been to the sea, you can imagine a lush lake with quiet waters.
Do not neglect the cashmere, its smell, it is known, it has the property to increase the power of concentration and meditation. The fragrance of the incense helps purify the inspired air and clean the expired by the negative elements.
View yourself as a child without problems, playing in the waves
Illuminate lighting and incense. Pull the air deep into the chest and let it penetrate the blind to the depths of the soul. Then exhale by realizing that you eliminate the negative thoughts and fear with the air.
Look at the shells and visualize yourself in a relaxed state at the edge of the sea. You are a child. You are happy, worry-free and play in waves. Keep your eyes open with your eyes focused on the light of light and shells. If you close your eyes, you may fall asleep.
When you are in meditation, your brain moves from the state of consciousness found on alpha to beta, which is the beginning of relaxation.
Let us thank for the gifts that every day brings us
Once the state of relaxation has been induced, we must enjoy the gifts of the universe and thank them for them.
What are you looking for in the universe this morning? I would love to believe that we will all look to thank our heart for the blessing of a new day. Then we will look for the positive aspects of everything that surrounds us: love, peace, wisdom, compassion, forgiveness.

Take a relaxed, comfortable position

You can stay on the bed or in a comfortable chair. Do not worry about the need to adopt yoga positions - such as the well-known lotus. There is no need for it to meditate. You just have to relax your body in a more comfortable position. Avoid staying stretched because you may fall asleep.
Keep the pace of breathing regularly and easily and aware that you are inspiring positive energy and exhaled negatively. Inspiration is power, health, expiration is fear and worry.
In just 5 minutes you win a whole day of peace and quiet
Feel one with the universe! Be part of it and try to discover beauty, love, and peace surrounds you!
When you are ready, finish meditation. You will discover that the day will be much more enjoyable, you will be much calmer, relaxed and you will not worry anymore. And all this with just 5 minutes of meditation!
You can, of course, increase the meditation period or take exercise in the evenings so that you can enjoy a quiet and restful sleep.

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