The connection between energy and our body

I would like to go back a bit again to the Ki (or Chi ) energy and clarify a bit more about some concepts. First of all, you got to know that the Universe is bipolar: you got light and you got dark, both represented by an empirical duality who is inside the circle of the whole, which forms Tao, the Yin/Yang symbol ( Taiji).
I was telling you that light and dark are in a dynamic equilibrium state and their movements always compensate one another even if they change the orientation very often. Some authors (Aleister Crowley) say that the universe is a vectorial one, dark forces and light ones moving like some magnetic vectors orientated to the opposite polarity zones.
In other words, good attracts bad and bad attracts good. Going from here you can conclude that life is cyclic: good - bad - good and from there you can go even a bit more making a resemblance with one of the 22 major arcana from Tarot, the wheel of fortune (the hermetic law of rhythm).
Other authors say that good attracts good and bad attracts bad. The consensus about all this is always analyzed by thinking about our own actions on a day by day base. There will always be children of the Light and in opposition children of the Dark. Everything is entirely up to us and how we organize the vectors that Crowley was talking about: towards the light or towards dark. Our own actions determine everything that is reserved to happen in the future. Never forget tho that our own good can mean at the same time bad for someone else. In the end, everything is about how you see things, your own opinion over them.
A very interesting phenomenon about the energetic forces of the earth as an ensemble of living creatures is represented by Hartmann Bands also named in the oriental tradition The Dragon Ways. Those are nothing else but negative energetical bands who go through the earth from north to south and from east to west, forming real energetical meridians and parallels. At their intersection, the Hartmann nodes are formed - places with low (negative) vibration that can greatly influence people.
It is known that cats tend to lie exactly on the Hartmann nodes, absorbing negative energies, being considered true node detection (as in the past, for example, in the UK, cats were used to build barons' homes). In contrast, dogs tend to settle on the sites between the respective nodes, so in the energy-positive areas. For that, no matter where we go and everything we do is surrounded by energy: Hartmann bands and knots, dark and light, aura and fields, chakras, Energy is everywhere, we only need to use it for our sake and our fellow men.
Each of us has a physical body made up of cells, tissues and irrigation systems and irrigation systems of blood and lymph. We very well know how unpleasant we feel when we are sick when a functional imbalance occurs in our physical body, that is when the disease occurs. We also know that we feel very bad when we lose someone dear or something we cared for, or when a life situation influences us negatively. But all physical or mental illnesses have an energy precursor. Without having the necessary energy predisposition, the diseases would no longer fit into our bodies. The first sign of the disease, which occurs every time, is the pain (although this is only the first sign that our normal senses perceive). Of course, nobody likes pain, but think if the pain does not exist, it would be very difficult to know that we are sick and we might even die without knowing about the disease in our body. In fact, the pain is both good and bad at the same time, being unpleasant, but also warning us when something is wrong with us.
So the disease affects the first of our bodies, the physical one, which is also visible. It is the material, palpable, and tangible side of humans without which obviously people could not exist. Therefore the body must be cared for and protected from disease, must be kept clean and we must be careful to keep it in normal operating parameters, and keeping our minds and spirit in an optimal state, we also promote the health of the body.

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