Techniques to remove negative energies and strengthen the immune system

There is an organ in our body, which is rarely mentioned, but which certainly deserves its full name "the point of happiness."

Its identification is not difficult. It is, in fact, a gland located in the chest, named the thymus. This gland is placed on the upper extremity of the chest cavity.

Here's how to find out:

Place two fingers from the hand above the depression in the lower throat area just above the sternum.

Near this point is the thymus.

The thymus is also referred to as the "happiness point." This gland helps to spread negative energies, to strengthen the immune system, and to the general health of the body.

Here's how to activate the "happiness point":

Touching, palpating or lightly massaging this point are very effective ways of enhancing energy vibrations.

This gland is responsible for energizing our body. Therefore, when imbalances occur in our energy system, the thymus can be of great help. It is a bridge between the brain and the body.

The gland reduces its size when the body is subjected to physical stress, which leads to a decrease in vital energies.

The thymus can be stimulated even using the fist - like Tarzan (do not exaggerate, however, there is no need to hit hard, a light beat is enough). You can also tap or massage this point with your fingers.

Do this for 20-30 seconds and inspire deep. During this time you can think of positive things!

Your body will instantly tell you that this "point of happiness" has been activated - you will be filled with joy.

Successful activation of this point may require little exercise. Therefore, it is advisable to repeat this procedure until the positive effects are installed.

If you frequently suffer from panic attacks, anxiety, and stress, repeating this exercise a few times a day will help you regain your inner balance.

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