How to avoid the influence of negative energies from the outside!

Sympathy is the ability to feel compassion for others. Empathy is a step further and better defined in this direction. Being "empathetic" means not only to recognize the emotions and feelings of others but to live as if it were yours.

Often, very empathic people absorb much of the pain and suffering of the environment they come into contact with. This loads them emotionally and prevents them from functioning normally on all levels.
Sensitive people easily take on the negativity of the people they relate directly to. The burden of those around them also gets on their shoulders and becomes difficult to remove. In life, it's essential to learn to defend yourself from this form of toxic energy that can overwhelm you mentally, physically, but also spiritually.
Here are five ways to avoid the negative energies transmitted by others:

1. You don t have to please everyone!
When someone complains about his problems, wasting your time with small gossip, or when he is addressing you in a condescending tone, the best thing to do is to try to ignore the words spoken and avoid wasting energy in an attempt to change the point of view of the interlocutor. These pitfalls do nothing but absorb you deeper into the person's negative sphere and emphasize the energetic and emotional impact of his views.
Be respectful of yourself and realize that you have no duty and no interest in making everyone happy! Everyone has their own personality and their own set of values, which generates a life experience different from yours. It is essential to first protect yourself by moving ahead. Love and self-confidence act as an energy shield against energy attacks or "vital energy" leaks.

2. Learn to say "NO"
When you invite a guest with shoes loaded with mud and dirt, do you let him walk on the rug or ask politely to get out of here? And how do you work with a guest you invite one evening at the table, and then he invites himself for dinner at your place every day at the same time? But what if he stretches the rope in other respects, thus abusing your time and your tolerance?
Generosity is a great quality, but it is a fine border between being generous and simply let yourself be used by others. Do not encourage this form of abuse anymore and begin to shy away from overwhelming people, or emotional vampires. Draw clear boundaries and respect them!
It's about your personal life. Your body, mind, your intimate space and your time are extremely precious, so take care of the people with whom you share all these resources. There's nothing wrong with saying "no" when you're not ready for "guests." Review your expectations about others before giving them a place in your life.

3. Go away in time
Above we used the term "emotional vampire". These are individuals with parasitic personalities who literally nourish the attention and affection that you give them and who simply hide your energy on all levels. Although at first, you can also enjoy the console that you are investing emotionally in such a person when you realize that it is not a change in itself, only a continuous unidirectional flow, things get a whole new light. Until you come to realize these issues, there is the risk of being completely exhausted and drained of energy. In addition, the thirst for the affection of these people knows no limits as long as they choose to indulge themselves in the position of the victim.
Of course, you can still support those who really deserve your help, but with measure! If the person you are helping or supporting comes back to you whenever he or she needs it, it is an alarm that you have to move away. Paradoxically, the more you concentrate on their problems, the less you have the chances of solving them.
The problems and hardships of others are not your responsibility, all the more so when those who appeal to you do not actually want a real solution to these problems, just to be compassionate and self-helped. Break on time! When you feel that your resources are depleted, get out of the situation as quickly as possible. There is nothing wrong or bad intention to refuse to let you crawl into the melodies of someone harmful to you.

4. Embrace the energy of nature
A break taken at the right time can do real wonders. To re-balance yourself energetically, reserve some time for yourself and go for a walk in a quiet place. Ignore for a while the noise of the modern world and instead listen to the soothing voice of nature. Embrace and enjoy the simplicity of nature, peace, and balance.
Breathe deeply and do meditation exercises. Focus on loading your body with fresh and refreshing oxygen and removes negative energy through breathing.

5. Everyone for himself
Feed yourself with authentic thoughts and feelings, not inoculated. Every man is perfectly capable of calibrating his way of thinking and connecting to harmonious and constructive feelings. In addition, the most important is how you see yourself, not the people around you. You seek to accept and cherish yourself, not to be accepted and to be liked by others.
Once you choose to master your feelings, you will free yourself from the influence of others. Self-confidence and believing in yourself act as a protective shield against negative influences from the outside.
Make well-balanced choices and take control of the positive sides of your life. Choose the situations that load you with energy and keep only the company of the beneficial people. Be cautious enough to say "no" whenever necessary, and to get away from the negative situations and circumstances. You are the only one responsible for your own life experience, so its time for you to recover the beauty of life and live it in full!

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