Exercise for vitality and energy

Every time you eat something from now on would be really good to imagine that food bathed in light. This helps you maximize the energy and vitality of everything you swallow. You must be reading this now and think, mmm, why should I believe that? Well, you do not even have to believe that.

But what do you have to lose, after all? When you find out about a new thing that can not hurt you and which, on the contrary, is likely to be beneficial to you, why not give it a try? Why not have more energy?

When you eat something, imagine the food surrounded by light, telling your body to absorb just what is good for it and to eliminate as soon as possible what is not good for you.

At the same time be thankful to those who prepared your food, from ingredients to the actual cooking of your food, no matter what is it what you are eating. Any form of gratitude comes with a special good energy and will also be very beneficial for you.

You need to practice more and more until it becomes a habit. Any good practice can only have very beneficial consequences for you. This is another sign of self-love. Do not forget that you receive as much love from others as you transmit yourself. You can start by having a new habit today!

It's like when you learn to drive a car. At first, you make an effort to think about all aspects, but gradually it becomes easier. In the end, you will realize that obtaining a good reflex requires only seconds, at each meal.
Practice this small exercise for a while and in no time will become part of the way you will eat, helping you gain only more energy and vitality and even if you don t believe it right now, this exercise will also help you keep your weight under control! Start trying it from today and you 'll see only good things will happen!

If you have any questions or would like to know more about this exercise please send me an email or leave a comment, thank you!

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