Change your life using your spiritual power

Your spiritual evolution is the natural destruction of corporality, to blur the boundaries between physical matter and spiritual energy. Better say, you have to realize that there are no divisions first. Your physical world (including your body) is the result of spiritual energy (your soul), solidification of its parts in a physical experience. The totality of what you are beyond the parameters of your physical self. As you rely less on the five senses, it becomes very obvious to you. If you look at the world through "physical eyes" everything will appear solid and static. However, if you look at the world (including you) through "spiritual eyes" (your soul), you will feel that there is more to you than what you see every day in the mirror. Your life will have a new experience.
To increase your ability to see through your spiritual eyes, you can start with a simple exercise. Start in a relaxing place like a park or garden. Relax in the park, make some simple breaths, and while you look around tell yourself; right now divine creation uses my eyes to see her creation. This exercise helps you get out of your own way and adjust your divine nature. Another practice is to "branch" reality using your imagination. For example, if you look at a tree, imagine that the tree bends, twists and stretches, or imagines it disappears and reoccurs. If you sit at a table tell the mind that you can get your hand through the table. If you "play" with physical reality in this way, you will strengthen the feeling that will make you able to change yourself and change your reality. Therefore, increase your confidence to make changes in your life and to reconnect to your spiritual power.
So if you're not happy with the car you have, imagine your car replacement and a new car. Or, if you are not satisfied with the job you have, remodel your physical reality to a new or better job. Or, imagine your body moving in a better health and healing state. See from the position of your personal power and know that you can make changes.

You have to play with your imagination and allow the spiritual energy to activate the forces that work for the remodeling of physical matter. To use your power you must be aware that you have this power. You can not and will not use anything if you do not know you have this power. These mental exercises can help you access not only the power but also the determination to make changes in your life.

If your physical reality softens, your pain and suffering will soften to the same extent. The more powerful this reality, the more powerful your suffering will feel. For example, many people struggle with their past, and yet the past itself is not real. It is just an energy expressing itself as memory. You can not grab a past event and put it on a table. The past is no longer solid. At present, there is only solid form and nothing else. But, as we look at the past through the physical mind, unconsciously we will continue to be realistic. However, when we look into our past through our spiritual eyes, we will treat the past only as an experience and nothing more. The past begins to lose its solidity, permanence, realism, and structure. The past begins to thin over time, allowing you to let it go forever. This is an awareness of one's own consciousness.

Once the physical world softens, you will begin to feel the energy of the creation that is within you. Your true nature is the spirit and you are an extension and an expression of what creates all things in the universe. The physical world you see and experience is a form of divine energy. Even if the physical world looks and feels like something real (to a certain extent, it is true that "experience" is real), however, it is not the truth behind the scene. There's more to listening to a radio voice thinking there's a person inside the radio. The real person stays in a radio room a kilometer away from where you are. The voice on the radio is just a representation (an echo) of the real voice of the person. Your physical reality is just an echo (a reflection) of your thoughts.
Most of the time, much of our attention is directed to our physical and physical world. And, very little (or not) is for our soul. And yet, when attention is for your divine nature, life becomes sacred and eternal. Your soul experiences very different from the physical body. You feel heartbroken, and your soul feels love. You feel fear and your soul feels the power. You feel worried and your soul feels gracious. You feel lost and your soul already has a map.

So, remember the following: I can change my life. I am one with the divine energy of creation. I am constantly connected to wisdom, power, love and the power of this divine energy. And I'm able to use that power to create my reality and realize my desires.

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