Breathing - Healthy Exercise and How to Do it Right

You, my friend, sit on a gold mine. You have a superpower that is in a latent state, but who begs you to access it: breathing. It can not sound sexy, but your breathing is the most fundamental tool we have to live.

When I first learned about the breathing exercise that will be reported below, I was quite ironic because I had to learn how to do something with my body, which I have been doing since I was born in naturally. Breathing is normal, but in order to really fill your lungs, an exercise is needed, after which you will load your mind of happiness.

When you are sleeping or not paying attention to anything, your breath takes care of it, which is quite wrong. But the conscious leadership of breathing opens a world of magic. A world in which you are strong, present, awake and conscious.

Here are the four reasons why you need to know your lungs:

1.They will be opened here and now.

Breathing is only happening now, so whenever you touch the peak of breath, this has to happen "here and now." Breathing is a great way to stop negative thoughts. Instead of worries about the past or future, breathing helps your mind become interested in body sensations and the novelty of what it is.

2. You will connect spiritually.

In yoga, breathing also regulates the channels of the prana flow, or the force of life, into the subtle body. Because breathing is intangible, it connects us to what is intangible and unknown in the universe. We can feel better interconnected and "part of an entire" when we are careful about our breathing.

3. You will calm your body.

Being shaken by daily stress, we tend to unconsciously restrain our breathing. That's a big problem. Superficial breathing translates into survival mode, stimulating sympathetic nervous system (agitation), which invokes the release of stress hormones in the body. Full abdominal breathing stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system (eg rest/ relaxation/digestion) and we can quickly become calm and relaxed.

4. You will be more resistant to difficult times.

If you are experiencing a strong emotion, your breathing can help you get over that feeling without becoming overwhelmed. Breathing makes tolerable the intolerable, unbearable, bearable. It supports us to move on when we are sure we can not.

Your breathing is epic, is not it? Do much more than just keep you alive - unless you leave it ......

The deeper you breathe, the more you will live.

Exercise Dirgha Breath:

The Dirgha exercise, or the three parts of breathing, is borrowed from yoga and is a great exercise for basic breathing. The three "parts" are the abdomen, the ribs, and the chest. It is designed to create a complete exchange of oxygen in the body and to calm the mind.

Stay in a comfortable position and with the right column.

Close your eyes easily, relax your forehead, mouth, and eyes.

Inspires lightly and exits following ribbing and chest growth.

When the air from the chest exits, the chest will descend, the ribs will relax and the abdomen will flatten by pulling the navel inwards.

Repeat the exercise by extending the abdomen, ribs and chest growth.

Imagine how a pitcher is filled with water to control breathing when it will fill your lungs. The water begins to collect at the bottom (the abdomen relaxes and opens), then the jar fills up (extending the ribs and increasing the chest). Upon expiration, the jug is empty at the top (chest relaxation) and then empty the rest.

Continue to do this for 3-5 minutes and you will notice what will happen.

Try to have a few minutes of your time to try this now - your whole being will say "thank you".

Happy breathing!

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