5 Steps on How to Use the power of intuition and Get What You really want

"The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind a faithful servant. We created a society that honors the servant and forgot the gift "- Albert Einstein

We all have objective lives that will bring us happiness.

Our wishes may be different, but we can achieve a more fulfilled life by using a tool that we have free access, unlimited too - our intuitive guidance.
You've probably heard of intuition, but when was the last time you used it? Intuition is a part of your spirit that guides us to be authentic and positive in everyday life. It is that voice that speaks to you to provide clarity when you feel overwhelmed, confused, or looking for answers.

The problem is that for many of us intuition is deeply hidden under many, many layers of our psyche, and we do not know how to connect to and listen to it.

With a bit of dedication and time, it is very possible to find the inner voice of intuition and learn to pay more attention to it.

 After you succeed to replace all the voices, opinions and suggestions from outside with the voice that comes from within, you will be amazed how clearly you can see life and how you can go directly to happiness and fulfillment.

When we learn to listen, the ability to control our lives is very strong.

Your intuition, therefore, you know more than you are conscious. Of course, connecting to intuition is simple - but it will not always be easy.

Here are five techniques you can practice every day to strengthen your intuition:

1. Meditate

Dedicate time to relax your mind and body through meditation. It is extremely useful for increasing the ability to connect with your intuition throughout the day even when there are more delicate moments.

2. Reflect on you

Every day give yourself a little time to reflect on you - who you are and where you are heading.

3. Breathe consciously

If you have not practiced yoga, then pay attention. Breathing is very important for relaxing the nervous system, clarifying the mind and all the healing power that is capable of your body. Try breathing exercises to let your intuition come to the surface.

4. Increase attention and try to understand

Increase attention throughout the day to understand why you are where you are, what you want, etc. Watch what's coming. Increased attention is the direct way to identify intuition.

5. Be grateful

If we are grateful we will have a profound effect on our thoughts. Thus negative thoughts that block intuition will disappear and the natural power of intuition will come to light.

Intuition awaits you. All you need to create the life you want is already present in you. It's just a matter of time before you want to get your intuition and you'll be able to bring happiness into your life.

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