11 ways to change your life and attract positive energy

Stress leads to a wrong definition of life. For many people, life is lived every day with fear.

Uncertainty and daily fears make positive aspects ignored or even canceled. In the meantime, they lead to the loss of confidence in you. The only way to get out of this negative spiral is to change your concept of living. By making the right choices, you will attract positive people around you, and opportunities will not be delayed.

Considering the busy schedule and the agitated life you live in, it is very beneficial for you to implement the secrets below:

1. Establish the connection with yourself.

You can establish this connection with your inner self through a simple technique of meditation. You can do this on the bus, train, plane and even at work. You only need 15 minutes.

Stay on a chair and relax.

If you do not sit on a comfortable chair, imagine it's the most comfortable chair you've ever had.

- Breathe a few times deeply. Focus on how the air enters you and how it comes out.
- Imagine your whole body, every porch and the cell breathes and feel how stress and negativity flow away.

2. Get out in nature.

Every time you have the possibility go out in nature. Walk 15 minutes a day down the lawn or the nearest park. It's a simple way to connect with nature. The earth element has the ability to remove the negativity.

3. Surround yourself with vibrant colors.

Color therapy becomes more and more popular every day. Colors emit vibrations that affect our psyche and mind.

- Red gives you safety and helps to get rid of negative emotions;
- Yellow gives you confidence, clarity in thought, optimism and stimulates your inner strength;
- Blue improves your communication and intuition. It also calms you if you are too agitated;
- Green is the most common color being the color of freshness, regeneration. It can help reduce anxiety and recovery after a period of intense stress. That's why when you come back after a weekend in the mountains you're much more relaxed and energetic;
- Orange improves your mood and stimulates your emotional, physical and sexual energy.

Explore the benefits of colors in everyday life. Change your curtains, bedding, etc. and add a touch of color to your life. You can use primary colors or any color that makes you happy.

4. Charge yourself with the energy of the music.

Listen to spiritual music and songs that give you confidence as if you can do anything. The sound vibrations mix with your inner self. Listen every time you feel the need, when you run, travel, cook or whenever your mind is drawn into a negative thought.

5. Embrace your life with the love of a child.

Children have a natural energy that is so vibrant that for an adult it can be a blessing.

6. Laugh at least 10 minutes a day.

Book your time for a comedy show, a play or a movie, and laugh out loud. Doing so you're going to open blocked energy patterns.

7. Energize your home.

Illuminate a candle every morning or evening, the fire has the ability to burn negative energies. Fills the house with flavors that relax your mind. Also opens the windows to let the airflow decrease the negative energy.

8. Let the child in you flinch.

Every person has a baby inside. Make a crack or draw with colored pencils or watercolors, mold some of clay or plasticine, or jump into a bark. All of this helps you get rid of inhibitions and explore new areas in life.

9. Presopuncture.

The most urgent point to reduce stress is where your thumb meets your index finger. Also, the lobe of the ears or the point between the nose and the lip if you press it will help relieve the stress accumulated in your body.

10. Healthy lifestyle.

Practice a healthy diet accompanied by exercise and do not forget about sleep. Occasionally schedule a "day of fruit" to cleanse your body. Drink plenty of water to remove toxins. Count the steps while walking, improving concentration. Another secret, be grateful because gratitude fills us with positive energy.

11. Clean up the mess.

Clean the house, the office where you work, even the car. Most importantly, put your order in mind, cleanse your mind. Disorder creates blockages in the energy flow. When these blockages persist, your mood will be affected by becoming eternally irritated, depressed.

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