What is magnetotherapy ?

Many civilizations have used magnets to treat various affections. The priests of ancient Egypt and the Greek physician of the fourth century, Hippocrates, appear in multiple writings as using this mode of treatment. In the fifteenth century, the chemist and Swiss physician Paracelsus created the theory that magnets can be "removed" from the body. In modern times, magnetic fields play an important role in medicine.
For example, they are used in magnetic resonance imaging. There are magnets of different types, sizes, and powers.

Magnetotherapy is sometimes used by patients on their own or it is indicated by specialized people. Magnets were also used on animals. Magnetotherapy can be applied to the entire body or just to areas affected by a disease. Magnetic elements can be implanted or used externally to emit pulsed magnetic fields for therapy.
Static (constant) magnets can also be used. Magnets are available as adhesive tapes, foils, belts, bracelets, earrings or other jewelry. They can also be used as magnetic conditioning water.
Magnetic fields produced by static magnets are different from electromagnetic radiation and have different effects on the body. It has been scientifically proven the beneficial effect of pulsed electromagnetic fields on bone fractures that have not been properly cured in several weeks. Static magnetic fields have not proven useful for any illness.

What is magneto-therapy?

Magnetic action therapy on human, animal or plant organisms. It is a natural therapy; the simplest, cheap, painless and safe therapy known.
It's not a medicine. The only tool used is a magnet. The magnetic field passes without any danger through the skin, tissues, and bones.
Approx. 100 million people around the world use magnetotherapy to improve their health. Among them are Bill Clinton and Antony Hopkins. Magneto-therapy was practiced by Cleopatra and Queen Elizabeth I.
She is highly appreciated in China. It is also practiced in Europe: England, Germany, Italy - where it already has a tradition - and in recent years also in Poland, the Czech Republic, and Hungary. It is extremely simple to apply and long-term results are very good. For example, the practice of drinking only magnetized water attracts a sensible improvement in health and disease resistance. It can benefit the entire family, even pets!
Less stress, pain, and depression!
More energy!

What are the effects of magnetic jewelry?

Magnetic jewelry has beneficial effects on health. Permanently worn improves your health. Provides energy, vitality, good mood, helps you recover after difficult times. A few weeks after a person begins to wear these jewels, he will notice changes in his health. It acts on the energetic meridians of the human body, fluidizes the blood, vitalizes the body, supports the fight with the negative environmental factors: bacteria, diseases, viruses, radiation, etc.

- restore balance
- give energy
- regulates blood pressure
- calms the nervous system, reduces depression, insomnia
- relieves pains and infections in the body, no matter where they are located
- improves the supply of oxygen tissues

It has beneficial effects in treating fractures of bones, stretch marks, arthritis, toothache, etc.

Magnetic jewelry should not be worn by pregnant women and people with a pacemaker.

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